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MasterCash's blog: "Marine Prayer "

created on 02/25/2011  |

Every Marine Should Know this by heart But i want to post it in honor Of my Fallen Family Members


                                                Marine's Prayer

                     Almighty Father ,Whose command is over all and

                   whose love never fails , make me aware of thy

                presence and obediend to Thy will. Keep me true

                to my best self  so that I can face my fellow

                Marines and to accpet my share of responsibilties with viger

              and enthusiasm Grant me the courage to be proficient in my daily

              performance. Keep me loyal and faithful to the duties the Marine Corps

            and My Country have entrusted to me .Help me wear my uniform with dignity

           and let it Remind me daily of traditons which I Must Uphold


For all My Fallen Family I say these words to Honor your Memory !

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