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created on 04/10/2008  |  http://fubar.com/maku-lotus/b206265
Okay. So. I went on a date. For those who know my financial situation- No, I didn't pay for it. I somehow managed to find a guy who's completely fricking naive. It's cute, in some ways, though I want to backhand him other times. We had fun. Turns out he used to do tabletop, so there's talk of starting a group in here in Oregon. Now for the juicy gossip- DESKS! Buwahahahahaha. We had assigned seating at my job for about three days. HAD. Then someone screwed up the paperwork and my team was out a place to sit. Well... This chick at work decided that she was going to hijack my desk. I simply sat there, and when she came to work, I was like "What?" THEN she put a name tag there. Now, I've seen her take name tags off of desks of people she didn't like, simply because she didn't like them. So I pulled off her name tag and left it neatly on top of the garbage can she likes to throw everyone else's name tags in. MONDAY, which is my friday, I come back from my last break and she's put name tags ALL OVER my desk. So I grinned real big and said to my supervisor when she passed by- "LOOK! I'm NICOLE! See? It says so right here on my desk!" She didn't take her name tags back, so the next step is to draw little smiley faces and put pretty, shiney stickers all over them when I get my next paycheck. Not like she's got even close to a chance of getting that desk- I come in earlier than she does, and her paltry part time ass has no right to claim something when there's someone who isn't afraid to play with the big kids and work a full forty hours a week who has legitimate prior claim to it. And you know, I -could- move one desk over and sit next to the guy I'm flirting with. I -could- be gracious and let her have it. But no. She had to be a petty little bitch. And so now I'm sitting where I am, -just- to prove that she can't have it. She really, really chose to screw with the wrong person.
Well, I'm new, and have nothing better to do than post my boring life online. Now, I join the legion of losers who do so every day. Joy. Today was a mostly nice day. I got my car registered, almost had insurance, and got my kitty a new toy. Also, I met the ugliest cat I ever saw- It was so ugly it was cute. >.< Then...! My car sparked when we tried to jump it. Grr. Okay. Turns out Mom didn't do the jumper cables right. And now, when the door is shut, something clicks under the hood... As soon as you open the door, it stops. Unsure what's going on there. Then... The real shit hit the fan. My ex, who shall remain nameless, decided to be a royal jerk. At some point, I think he decided that all I want is to get him into the sack. Does he ever consider that I wouldn't take him back? Nuuuuu... I'm obsessed, apparently. Where does he get these ideas that have no bearing whatsoever in reality? Anyways. I blocked him. I'm tired of this. I love him, and his friendship means the world to me- But if he will not let me be his friend, then really, there isn't crap I can do about it. When he decides he wants to look at the reality, and realize he's been a jerk, maybe he'll email me and we can actually talk like human beings. Anyways. I'm going to get -really- drunk tonight. I feel the need. I'll start with beer and work my way into rum; I have the yummy stuff flavored with blue agave. After that, maybe I'll write some really awful poetry (Or not, reading it the next morning is -scary-), and go to bed. Note to self: Take the trail mix to work. That cute guy is gonna be there, which means I need ammunition to throw at him from across the room...
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