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Over 12,064,912 people are on fubar. What are you waiting for?
Fubucks contest. Must have 2500 comments to get any fubucks. Ends Feb 23rd.
She needs 6,000 comments to get her VIP. Loyal Bombers better be there for their family, as well as who ever else needs us. THATS what we're about.
Loyal Bombers & How it works: There are separate categories in which you can apply. Categories are as follows: Page Level Bombers Giveaway Bombers Contest Bombers You are welcome to apply for one or more categories. The catch? BEFORE you are accepted into the Loyal Bombers Family, you will have to prove yourself. You will be given one task to complete. Upon completion you will be added to the family & you will need to put Loyal Bomber in your header. In order to be accepted at all, you must have a salute. You will be given FuBucks for your time & services, payments will differ. Only 75 members will be accepted into this family at this time to ensure that you are each taken care of properly. For more information or to apply, send me, or my partner, a private message. If you're not serious about this, then don't waste your time, or mine. ~~~ No Blank Friend Requests Will Be Accepted ~~~
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