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Waiting never states,

the soul left to wait.

A game of peoples fates,

where never is to late.

Even some of loves greats,

lived through this debate.

To have two full plates,

can drive one irate.

For time passes slow,

and life leaves you dry.

If love is all you know,

less your life you cry. 

Goes just to show,

love is not a lie.

It lives enough to grow,

don't let it pass on by.


Take one step back,

step away for me.

find of what you lack,

show with decentcy.

Let it all stack,

most indescrimatly.

then push, pull, and pack,

and just enjoy your glee.

Make a mental note,

include yourself and I.

Like long letters wrote,

cleverly and sly.

Take no time to gloat,

there you go awry.

We are of one boat,

will sink before we fly.

So put this one to vote,

for the answers scry.

With your insides coat,

with loves alliby.

Since the day we met,

you have made me whole.

No moment of regret,

nor sorrow of the soul.

Love is all I let,

ever be my goal.

Never time to freat,

I love my loving role.

I love your lips on mine,

it makes my insides flutter.

A feeling so devine,

to have you as a lover.

Since our souls intwine,

in love ment to smother.

As we walh the line,

eachother we discover.

God had made us free, 

to do as we will.

Also gave endless glee,

over every thrill.

On we go in a spree,

never standing still.  

Having love eternaly,

never having fill.  

That is how we will be, 

till the day we ill.  

Evermore you and me,

for love you can not kill.

Did you start a wait for me,

buried-in knees deep?

And in your own elegancy,

docile, sound asleep.

As I thrashed out jealously,

to dumb to what I reap.

Furthering my own idiocy,

fall further from a leap.

Now I found humility,

from hours made to weep.

In my own civility,

now I'm yours to keep.

Eyelids flutter lightly,

lovers gazes lock.

A ritual made nightly,

not much left for talk.

Smiles brighten slightly,

teasing each to walk.

Knowingly holding tightly,

beating out the clock.

Whispers take the pair,

movements start a course.

Thickness fills the air,

from the heated source.

To her in his stare,

submissive to his force.

Their burden left to bear,

showing till they're hoarse.

Welcome all you Juggalos,

to a place of mystic shows.

With your help our status grows,

it's the path you have chose.  

Grab your kicks and grab your hoes,

where this ends no one knows.

Props to 'lettes and props to 'los, 



We walk along our way,  

never stray apart.  

Looking from the day, 

in which we had start.  

Never ever play,

one anothers heart.  

Begging each to stay, 

making love an art.  

To our God we pray,  

for us not to part.  

Nor fade to grey,

nor turn to dark.

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