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GOOFYLIZ's blog: "love is a word"

created on 10/25/2007  |  http://fubar.com/love-is-a-word/b145868
Love is a complicated word. Some think their cured because they have found their true love till death does them part then fights occur when they both think its the end. Then later its all good again. Love is misery and pain yet pain is without love as if your only being shoved into a dark hole. what is love? some say love is when you can really trust someone care for someone so much you’d give up your life just for that one. Others say love isn’t even there no such thing I say different than both. I say its out there just hidden underneath or over top somewhere yet to be found say those 3 special words in meaning and dont ever go back on your words. Time to decide do they keep u from death or connect you more to it. And as they say I love you, you only can say them calmly back Love is a complicated word. by:Elizabeth
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13 years ago
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