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created on 04/27/2007  |
Sorry I have been off here for a little bit. I recently lost my Uncle a man who in alot of ways was like a father to me. I was one of the paw bearers and it hit home a bit harder. But not as hard as the bugler playing TAPS and the 21 gun salute. He was a DUCK driver in the Navy. RIP Uncle Jim 9/23/1943 to 4/29/2007 you impacted me in several ways you are the reason I am who I am You will be missed. Please if you comment on this email them to me I have no real clue where to read any comments anyone has posted before this blog tysm!
I have recently found out I have a new hate in life, mind you I am not one to say, "I hate" a lot simply because It's a very hurtful thing. It's a statement that can cause irreplaceable damage in a relationship, friendship etc. But I HATE compassion, because bottom feeders in the world use it against you if you have it they cause you to change your mind and continue living a life you don't like. They take advantage of you fully and completely. And the real pisser is THEY KNOW THEY are doing it. I have spent my life being on the defense for people that could would and did, hurt me. I have tried to share that awareness with people I love… do they listen…nope. Oh wait yea they listen to the BULLSHIT all the bottom feeder no job no life FUCKING LOSERS give them. And you know what I also really hate? People if you tell someone something MEAN IT, Or even better yet DO IT. GROW SOME BALLS STICK TO YOUR GUNS. Don't piss on my back and tell me its raining. Man I think I am going to turn into a firkin bottom feeder, you know the type they hang with you never pick up their own tab, never have money, oh yea never have ANYTHING!! Hey on the upshot all I ned to do is whine and people will carry my weight in life, you know tell a string of bullshit every now and again to be keep in someones good graces. Bottom feeders they always want what they cant afford or even sustain on their own and lets face it they shouldn't ever been mixing in that world (you know the one where you have a job money friends and can have a say), because they don't know ANYTHING about it. News flash in life people you want something in life BUST YOUR ASS AND WORK FOR IT JUST LIKE 90% of the WORLD!! Don't think it's a life you can DREAM of and POOF it happens. Make a move in life. EVERYTHING I have EVER HAD I WORKED FOR. Does that make me an ass? WHO CARES. I NEVER got anywhere on someone else shirttails. And if that's how you exist in life your worthless and need a swift kick in the ass and join the rest of this world in a little place we call REALITY!! QUIT whining and blaming your life on someone or something else in life, cry me river losers. I've been on the bottom a few times and you know what I did? FIGURED OUT A WAY TO CLIMB BACK UP BABY!!! Oh sure I never started on the bottom but guess what I decided I DIDN'T LIKE BEING BROKE!! And I never looked back. For anyone out there that knows what I'm talking about and dealt with that loser or in a worst case LOSSERS. And final kicked them in their ass instead of wiping their nose and ass for em…GIVE ME A HELL YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!! And to you two face back stabbing personal gain seeking S.O.B's that tell me one thing in life and how I'm this and I'm that but keep hurting me FUCK OFF!! Get outta my life and stay out I dont need you or want you. You chose your paths ENJOY IT!
Remember life is all about living, and learning life is about choices and decisions, life is about love and relationships, life is about caring , feeling hurting growing and responsibilities. Life is the ultimate teacher and the ever growing experience. It is the one challenge that no matter who you are master or student, old or young weak strong rich or poor, none of us fully control. Life is the one presence that changes at any given moment testing and teaching even the most skilled. I have often thought that I had a handle on life, I understand it will always show you twists and turns in its path, it tests you emotionally and physically, and no one can really be sure what the test of life is about no one knows where we go from here. So because of this I have always enjoyed every possible moment I've had. I have laughed and cried and everything in between . I have held a newborn and welcomed life I have held the hands of relatives and friends and said goodbye to life. I have loved and been loved missed and been missed hurt been hurt and had regrets. William Hunt 12/31/2006
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