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armybrat's blog: "life"

created on 03/12/2007  |  http://fubar.com/life/b64065
they say the world is flat. they say its going to come to and end. they say hell is on earth. they say life will begain again. they say that love is just a word. they say it has no meaning. they say we are all alike. they say how we should live. well i say fuck what they say and be who u want 2 be


as the day goes bye the more and more i miss you. as the months pass the more and more i want to see u. as the comes near i want 2 hold u tight. as the time passes i wish it wasl all begain again as life passes the older we get. as we grow older the wiser we are. as all this happens my love for u grows stronger and stroner
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14 years ago
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