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sweetnessakatrouble's blog: "life"

created on 02/05/2007  |  http://fubar.com/life/b52343
i am so sick and tired of people reporting my nsfw pics as nsfw.....doesnt anyone know how to read anymore? is it that hard to see that you went into the nsfw folder. its not that its such a big deal but i hate gettin emails all the time that one of my pics has been reported again. then i send back the reply that it is already marked. sorry just blowing steam im tired of people not reading.
I just had the best time tonight. i went and saw carlos mencia. it was a blast. well worth goin. i havent laughed so hard in a long time. i laughed till i had tears comin out my eyes. ill post pics soon. they arent the best but oh well. i was like 10-15 ft away from him. it was almost like a dream. i wanted to say someone pinch me im not really here laughin at the man i watch on tv. if you ever get the chance to go you should.
ok someone please tell me if you have a crush on me.....its killin me. thanks
ok really now how stupid does someone have to be to flag a pic and turn me in for something nsfw....when its in a folder marked that? i just think its funny that they wanna turn me in for something that was already taken care of to start with. i guess people dont know how to read. ok well im done ranting. hope everyone has a great day.


why does it have to be like this? why does it have to feel the way it does? why cant the pain just stop? how can someone be so happy and then it just changes? how can you tell someone you want them so much and just walk away?
well it seems my ex just cant leave me alone. now he had to go and talk to the man i was dating and spread some lies im sure. now im single and i dont really know why. go and show jephroe some love cause he is the best man i have ever known. he means the world to me. he was more than i ever expected. my ex is in love with someone else now but cant stay out of my life. im just so fed up with it all so i wont be on here much cause it hurts too much. hope everyone on here has a great day.


well i have to say that i have met someone really nice. been talkin to them for just a short while. its so nice to meet someone and make friends with them and have no expectations. just get to know each other. its nice to feel happy. to not be so stressed. it still cracks me up that my ex wants to follow me around on here like i dont know whats goin on. i am free and i can do what i want. i just want to scream "get over it and get on with your life" just leave me alone. anyway im not gonna worry about it cause right now im very happy with the way my life is goin. couldnt be better. ive learned to take things slow and not move so fast. its so much better this way. well i wish everyone happiness in their lives. may God bless all of you.


well if anyone wants to hear about brad and i thats fine. im not with anyone and im not gonna be for a while. he was a great guy till he broke my heart. then he wouldnt just leave me alone to cool off. then he lied to me some more. i dont wish bad things for him. i just want the drama to end. he was gettin into my account on here and if i so much as talked to anyone i got crap about it after we were split. i dont need that kind of crap. i wasnt sayin things to people like he was. love is a hard thing and hurt is even harder to deal with. he became very possesive when we split. do i think he can love someone and be good to them and make them happy? of course i do. its just not gonna be me anymore. his actions after we split made me see he would be too jealous if we got back together. he thinks this is easy on me. how can loving someone and losing them be easy on anyone. so yes i hope everyone prays for him while hes dealing with his loss. losing a child is very hard. if anyone wants to know anything please feel free to ask.
i dont understand men and never will. they can tell you how much they love you and then turn and tell the next chick how sexy they are and how they want them. how is that love? why do women put up with that crap? do we really think we deserve it? that its somehow our fault? then women.....why is it that some women can talk to men on here or anywhere and know that they have a gf/wife and yet they want to talk sex to them. ask them out, get naked for them. basically do anything to ruin the relationship the guy has. do the women not think about the other woman? men dont think about anything else when they are thinking below the belt. yet why is it that people just dont care who they hurt anymore? also how is it that you can be so good to someone and they can still not think twice about hurting you? so what do we do?????
does anyone else feel like i do at times. that it seems you get to a level and stay there forever. then i hate it when you vote on people but they dont return the favor. more so when you see that they came to your page but couldnt at least rate you. ok guess im done whinning for now....lol just been one of those days for me. hope everyone else is having a better day.
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