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Mother Wench's blog: "Life"

created on 10/02/2008  |  http://fubar.com/life/b249739

You ever have a day, where every song you hear, you can relate to? It all seems relevant to whatever is going on in your life? I know that nowadays everyone has their ipods and mp3 players and who the hell burns cd's still, haha, so we can make our own playlists and keep those tunes and choose whatever we want to listen to, thats not really what I mean. But, turn on the radio, and every song they play during that car ride to work hits you somewhere? Ya. Love that feeling. I love how I can tell my life story in song.

Here are just a few "theme" songs of my life--- I am sure if you know anything about me, you know why I picked most of them. 

My Own Worst Enemy-Pink
I Like Big Butts-- Sir Mix a Lot
Not Ready to Make Nice- Dixie Chicks
Gunpowder and Lead- Miranda Lambert
There Goes My Life- Kenny Chesney
Never Enough- Five Finger Death Punch
Pain- Three Days Grace
I'm a Bitch- Alanis Morissette
Walk This Way- Aerosmith
Only the Good Die Young- Billy Joel
U + UR Hand- Pink
Bring on the Rain- JoDee Messina
I Will... But- Shedaisy
If Everyone Cared- Nickelback
Over- Evansblue
Butterfly Kisses- Bob Carlisle

Haha----- Here are some songs others have said I should add to the list!

Crazy Bitch- Buck Cherry
When I think about you- The Davinyls--- "I DONT WANT TO KNOW LOL"
Heads Carolina Tails California- Jo Dee Messina
She Hates Me-- Puddle of Mudd

Anyone have any more suggestions??? I am ALL ears lol!

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