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Shell's blog: "Leveling"

created on 10/15/2007  |  http://fubar.com/leveling/b141750

..This Is My Bish She is my OWNA..
Go Rate Fan Add And Crush Her Show Her Lots Of Love What Are You Waiting On Fly By Her Page And Love Her Up
My Owna ..:Lindsay:..

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Ok so i am thinking of having a contest for some vips and blast!! I know i have been in contest and by the 5 or 6 day u juss wanna give up when no one will help so i am gonna make this one 5 days only.. There are some rules to go by with this AND IF U DONT GO BY THEM I WILL PUT U OUT NO ?'s ASK!?!?! 1.NO CHEATING AT ALL WILL BE TOLERATED if u cant win fair dont bother!! 2.Pic has to be sfw pic! ((( Rates Do Count))) (((2 rules is pretty simple huh?)))
Also i bomb alot for friends i dont think that the speed bombing is cheating so if u can sure do so but No other scripters or etc.. will be tolerated i will juss block u! If u wanna enter send me the link to ur pic i will copy n upload it till i get enough ppl to join atleast 6 ppl to join for it to start the most comments will win a vip for a month or a weeks blast i will let u choose...
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(repost of original by '...¡Ù:Lindsay:¡Ù...' on '2007-11-11 13:10:57') (repost of original by '~♫Splash♫~Co-Owner Of Club F.A.R.♫I.B.I.C.♫DSC~' on '2007-11-11 13:24:12') (repost of original by '~Metal Baby~Will Always Pimp Ancient1~CLUB F.A.R.#1~' on '2007-11-11 13:50:14') (repost of original by '...☆:Lindsay:☆...' on '2007
This Is Missy's Link For A Vip Giveaway She Recently Lost A Level 20 Vip Account And Is Starting Over Go Show Her Pic Some Love And Leave Her Some Comments For Her Giveaway.. All The Help Is Greatly Apprecitated! :D
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~Blazn~Hell~Katz~Leveling~Crew~ We are a leveling crew bomb sometimes but we are gonna focus on leveling and helping friends and others.. If u wanna join fine send me a fu mail and let me know but we do ask that u do help us if u join we need help to help others and once u join PLZ rate fan and add me and the co founders so u know what is going on with our blogs and bullentins..
~Here are there links~
Shell (CoFounder)
seashell_40 ~Co ~Founder ~ of ~Blazn~Hell~ Katz

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Patrica Co founder
sexy69_kiss ~co founder of ~Blazn~Hell~Katz~

@ fubar Lindsay founder of Blazn hell Kats ™...

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