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Wes's blog: "politics"

created on 07/20/2010  |  http://fubar.com/politics/b334539


if you dont want to read it all, here are the highlights


The problem is California's unique and unworkable system of governing, an awkward contraption of conflicting parts created mostly by the electorate.  In November, we'll elect another governor who's destined for more frustration and failure without significant systemic change in Sacramento.

Change such as allowing state lawmakers to pass a state budget on a simple majority vote, overhauling a broken tax system, controlling runaway special interest initiatives with their ballot box budgeting, requiring a rainy-day budget reserve, easing up on legislative term limits and making local governments and schools less financially dependent on Sacramento

Voters already have approved changes aimed at electing more centrist, pragmatic lawmakers willing to compromise. The changes -- snatching legislative redistricting from self-serving lawmakers and creating an open primary system -- will take effect in 2012, if reformers can beat back repeal efforts by politicians trying to protect the status quo

He did achieve some goals: retooling the costly workers' compensation program, obtaining a $37-billion infrastructure bond package, launching an attack on global warming -- now being challenged by a November repeal effort -- and pushing the two political reforms: redistricting and open primary.

But state government is in shambles, with a projected $19-billion deficit. Blame both the national recession and the Sacramento system

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