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Female · Invited by: marketman · Joined on May 1, 2006 · Born on December 31st
Female · Invited by: marketman · Joined on May 1, 2006 · Born on December 31st

About Doll ObsceneAlllow Me to Intoduce My self My Name Is Doll I really have a heard time keeping thoughts to myself so if you like fighting ^_^ ill fight with you forever lol Im taken by the best guy on earth kyle <3 his my everything wouldnt be alive without him I love music and just love hanging out with my friends and getting in trouble with them :P me and alyssa plan on ruling the world and inslaving every guy that ever hurt her she's my best friend and kinda sister lol I love piercings and tatoos well basically Im just the kind of person who will stand up for her friends and kick your ass if you piss them or me off i dont know how to keep things to my self and i dont care if it hurts you its better then me lying and saying your cute when your not lol yea i can be very mean you'l love it or hate it If You Don't Like Vien People And People Who Speak their mind and wont care if it hurts you or not then add me as a friend but if you do care and cant stand people like me then just dont bother wasting ur time and mine I Hate being called bisexual!!!! the new trend has ruined it for EVERY REAL BISEXUAL yes im the real kind of bisexual ive had a gf i loved very much and i have a boyfriend right now who i love very much love is blind believe it or not if your a narrow minded bitch dont add me it pisses me off love is love no matter what just dont go trying to rape a dog cause i said that ladies and gentelmen! Dont like me??? aww boo hoo whatever i dont need you if you wana be a bitch then dont bother adding me to ur friends list life isnt all about the internet people so dont worry block buttons can save you from only certain people and only for a limited timeRemmber Boys And Girls Im Not Here For Your Pleasure So If You Don't Like Me Keep Your Comments To your self Or Message me some hate mail remmber you make my day when my words bring your hate to me im so glad im soooo important that you have to waste my time and yours with stupid ass comments My EverythingThis Is Kyle His My Everything i love him more then life no matter what his always gonna be the one that has my heart wheather he drops it or keeps it safe is his choice but i never want it back his the best thing that ever happen to me he makes me so fucking happy and makes me feel loved i dont ever wanna be without him soon me and him are gonna live together and stay in love and forever being happy together <3Kyle asked me to marry him! Ive known him about 8mnths and within the time i fell in love with him and im so happy he stil loves me after fucking up as much as i did me and him can make it threw all the drama we have and the good times will come soon i know he doesnt like his self but i love him soo much his so beautiful to me and i wouldnt change a thing about him his perfect to me in EVERY way! may third is good mhmMy Likes And DisLikesLikestaking pics,chains, my friends, music, my band, my brother, tv, hot girls, gothic, black, poetry, written lyrics, sharpe objects, cigs!!!, movies, the nightmare before christmas, hanging out with friends, micheal, nail polish, make up, fashion, and walching modeling shows, bondage, spikes, chains, whips, leather collars, pale skin, black eyeliner, dark makeup, black lipstick, coffins, graves death, cemetaries, the night, darkness, black hoodies that are too big, my few friends, skulls, skeletons, bones, blood, knives, swords, pointed objects, safety pins, body piercings, tattoos, the moon, sleeping for long hours then waking up and asking your parents where/who you are, pink fuzzy handcuffs, biting, scratching, pain, getting arrested, the institute, causing trouble, getting into fights, flipping people off, fire, my flame pillow, winter, heavy blankets that you can bury yourself in, girls, romance - gothic style, black roses, solitude, tripp clothing line, showers, being clean, pixi sticks, black marble, black, the internet, computers, king size beds, black silk, sleeping, pjs, black nails polish, walching modeling shows, fashion!! DisLikesFakes,Gangsters,fake bisexuals,attantion seekers,preps,sometimes love,sucky music,homophobs,RAP,probly you havent gotten the chance yet lol i dont have many dislikes just dont piss me off :DMy Secound Love Music!Jeffree Star,Nightwish, Negative, Children of bodom, Murderdolls, Slipknot, Funeral for a friend , Cradle of filth, My Chemical Romance, the used, m.m, system of a down, mindless self indulgence, your dying wish, action action, jack off jill, linkin park, scars of tomorrow, blink 182, smashing pumpkins, rage against the machine, marilyn manson, evanescence, ozzy osborne, afi, h.i.m., velvet revolvers, jimmy eat world, green day, seether, rob zombie, morphine, chemical brothers, velvet acid christ, switchkill engage, papa roach, nightwish, korn, mudvayne, disturbed,From frist to last,my chemical romance,scarling, and many more...SignsIf You Make Me A sign I'll return the favor and make you one tooMore Random Pictures Of Me <3

Female · Invited by: marketman · Joined on May 1, 2006 · Born on December 31st
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Im not much into vid game i play computer games

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