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22 Year Old·Male·Joined on September 21, 2011·Born on November 20th·1 referrals joined!

What's up y'all? It's Kodak! YuKnwDat!!! I'm a York City, Pennsylvania rapper who's been rapping/producing on and off for 4 years now and I'm really ready to start getting my name out there! I've always LOVED music but rapping all started as a joke to me. Even the name Kodak was kinda just part of the joke! But I kept going and kept going and eventually it turned into a serious dream! I love to make music! I love when people can relate, or even just like to listen to my music! Every fan I get is appreciated wholeheartedly because yes it's cliche, but without the fans I wouldn't be anything So thank you for listening and keep on listening!


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  • Justun Kodak Yu... Just added a brand new song called Rider Remix to the set! While your there check out the other songs and vote for me to be in the Battle! Thanks everyone =)
    2 years ago · Comment

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