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Pedophiles don’t only lurk by schools in playgrounds and on the street!

Do you know the dangers that lurk

in AOL, Yahoo Chat rooms, My space Xanga for your children?

When a child goes into a chat room to do something as innocent as chat, you never know who is behind that other screen name. An Online Predator will not announce themselves to your child and let them know of there sick intentions. What is an Online Predator you ask, an online predator is a pedophile that is attracted to young children, they are online to fulfill there sexual fantasies with a child because it is safe, or so they think. Online theses children are normally an easier target for them because they are unsupervised and become comfortable and begin to trust the person at other end of that screen name. At times some of these predators will try to meet your child at a location, invite and persuade them into a sexual act. They get involved in explicit sexual conversations with children and even expose themselves

Taking A Stand Against Online Predators
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