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I'll be 20,for forever!!!!! Not!!!

I have always been looked upon as an underachiever,either because of the lifestyle iI sustained, or the behavior that I demonstrated.What was failed to have been realized by those of reference is that ,I too would grow up ! Throughout time ,I have learned quite well how to play the cards that I have been dealt! I may not have graduated w/ my class, but I never considered myself as second best to the rest, by any means! I have survived a 25+ yr. addiction ,w/over 7yrs. clean from chemical dependency.In these recent years, I have discovered what true happiness is to someone whose never really experienced it; and what it can provide ! I believe that GOD has many great things in store for those who persevere and overcome.Because of this fact, and others as well; I now stand a better man from my derelictions , and have now been blessed with purpose,priority and control in my life! In 1993 ,I was diagnosed w/ bone cancer.This too, I have overcome, as well.The Bible teaches us that," The endurance of perseverence builds ones inner- character!I believe, that this is how I found myself to being the man that I am today.Finding the desire to become a better man for the good graces of all,I chose to test my will; and have returned to school earning a 4.0 GPA at Itt-Tech and CSN ,which I chose to major in Comp Drafting/Design for the purpose of making myself more marketable to the Architectural & Developmental Industries here on the West Coast. I have nothing to prove to anyone anymore,for then; I was just a child.It is said that, we as humans are most receptive when we are not in our comfort zones.This has proven itself many times over and over again throughout my lifetime. Additionally,when a person makes a determined choice to change his/her life for the better, he/she also improves the quality of the lives for those that are held close at heart by that individual! May God Bless You!

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