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sweetlindalp's blog: "Just friends."

created on 03/12/2008  |  http://fubar.com/just-friends/b197373
Slowly..gently you lay me down on the red satin sheet. My naked body lays still. Feeling vonerable. The satin scarf lightly covers my eyes. Standing beside the bed, your eyes slowly memorizing my womanly shapes. I reach for your hand..I need to touch you. Your lips full and moist...Kiss me I plead. Feeling your weight now on the bed as you lean gently kissing my lips..Your moist tongue tracing the out line of my mouth..I want to taste you...You pull away. In the place of your sweet lips you lay one pink rose peddle...I lay perfectly still. If I move, the game will end...Your kisses ravishing my body. With each sensual kiss a rose peddle is laid..Slowly down my body, touching..kissing the most sensitive parts of me...Feeling my desire for you burning deep inside, like a volcano..my lava bubbling with every touch.....One little tear leaves the corner of my eye...The feeling of your touch..your love, becomes over whelming...No longer just wanting...but needing to have you..Fill me with your love...Take me into your magical world of pleasure....Own me....
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