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created on 10/03/2006  |  http://fubar.com/just-babbiling/b9847

hope this yr turns out better than last yr.. if not at least im perpared for the same shit as last yr lol. any one else planning anything new?

Ppl who constantly have to feel the need 2 control others by way of telling us who 2 talk 2, what 2 wear, where 2 go, and so forth; obviously have issues within themselves and need 2 worry bout their own paths of destruction

The Fam at Goth's Twiztid reality wants to welcome our homie Baby Twizta as our new barkeep...stop in and show her some luv.....MMFWCL!!!!
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Click any pic to get in.....cmon....show ur wikkid clown luv.....woop woop!!
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A TwIzLeTtE CrEaTiOn
Depression is the keeper of my hell u send me Death is the cold blood that runs deep thru me The doors to freedom are boarded up by hate My eyes are shut with the fear of its hateful mistake Depression that is soaking thru me like the sweat u intake Soaking thru my skin like acid rain from my tears Depression is my death ISN'T IT CLEAR? Where does love fit in when depression is ur air Like a moth to a flame, blacking sufficating killing what u hold dear Depression is the power of a rage from the past Where death is welcomed depression is its reflectionof what u believe is usually what u see
i sit here day in day out. minding my own business....i get so bored i go stur crazy.... i just can't stand backstabbing ppl.... why can't certain ppl just butt out of my life and work on their low self esteem selves.. for all those trash talkers ....U know who u r.... just dont bother me and the world will get along better.. u wanna be freinds cool but don't be one way one minute then turn ur back and be dicks... im know some ppl out there know what im talkin about... if the world was a lil more positive then we wouldn't be @ war with one anopther all the damn time
MY first poem...199?? Current mood: creative Category: Writing and Poetry NO TIME I knelt to prey but not for long i had to much to do must hurry off and get to work for bills will soon be due and i said a hurried prayer jumped up from off my knees my cghristian duty was now done my soul could be @ ease no time to speak of chrrist to freinds they'd laugh @ me i feared no time no time to much to do that was my constant cry no time to give to those in need @ last it was my turn to die and when before the lord i came i stood with down cast eyes for he held the book of lives and he cased into the book he looked @ me and said your name i could not find, you see, i ment to write down but never found the time


Walking thru life without you by my side sends shivers up my spine of loneliness and doom wishing it wasnt true past mistakes are perfected with every step we take misery is the path we recieve to blacken wit hate filled anger is time we shared thinking of happy things reality can't bare desiree brown 2005
Reality When I speak no one listens When they get caught no one hears The pain of evolution is often to near Reality never surfaces till its to clear putting everyone it meets into terrible tears One life may fall to peices Unities crumble with severe fear Worlds collide into confusions of the year in a pollutionated gust of dusted plains When the reality of our new revolution is ultimatly to clear Desiree' Leanne Brown

when u

When U when u speak; we all hear when u dance; we all cheer when u cry; it sends tears to our eyes happiness is when u laugh smiles to last when u see that u are a part of me. love is when u stay. always have a good day Desiree Brown
Your Love Traveling thru this valley, without a thought or care. Overlooking seas as if they were'nt there. Blinking ur eyes, while dreams appear. Heart filling with love. Enjoying ur body, which lays so near. Darkness sets in trying, to shadow the suns glare. Remembering our love, puts a smile everywhere. As long as i know, your love will always be there! Desiree Leanne Brown
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