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I heard the stupidest thing while roaming the rooms that reminded me exactly why i haven't been in the rooms for so long. a man speaking to a woman says "what you can't talk to a person unless they're good looking?" she replies"what's the point? why waste my time?" Now isn't that the most shallow mindedness egotistical shit you've ever heard? i wanted to smack the shit out of her. I've heard it said that the saying "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" is only said by those who are not "beautiful" well let me tell you something everyone's beautiful in their own way and if you're to busy looking at the outside you might miss what's on the inside and very well walk away from something that was missing in your life, and we all know what karma's like. moral of the blog is... take your head out of your ass and be good to someone you would have never been good to before...they may surprise you... or hell you might surprise yourself. and to those who look at me from the outside you don't deserve to know me on the inside. P.S. The girls and I both agree that anyone this shallow should not be allowed to breed.
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