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I Live: For the blessings God gave me ... My Family I Work: to hard for to little. I Talk: way too much most of the time. I'm use: To being loved. I Wish: I had more money :) I Enjoy: every moment. I Look: for the positives. I Find: people are basically good. but there's a few that backstabb*L* I Smell: like raiseberries,and charlie I Hide: from in-laws I don't like and creepy friends*L* I Pray: my babies grow up to be happy and love there life I Walk: the line.when I ain't falling down*L* I Write: my passions I See: through people. I Sing: when I am happy I Can: do anything I want to if I try I Watch: the world through untainted eyes. I Yearn: for more time I Daydream: about a home and yard lol of my own I Want: it all. I Cry: every once in a while I Hurt: nobody if i can help it. I Read: very little I Love: life, the whole package. I Sometimes: act like a child . I Fear: spiders ...totally scary. I Hope: My children live a life of fortune.and happiness I Break: shit all the time...total klutz. I Quit: Caring who other people think I am ... God doesn't make mistakes. Im just the way he wanted me. I Bathe: 2 times a day morning and nite*L* I Drink: a lot less than i used to. I Stop: at nothing when determined. I Save: pictures...too many pictures I Hug: everytime i see someone i care for!"I'm a hugable person(grinz) I am in: my own world. I Play: with myself*hahahaj/k all the time because no sence in never being a fool*L* I Miss: alot of friends from my past! I Hold: on to long I Forgive: too easily. I Drive: people insane. I Learn: something new every day.now weather or not i keep it , is a different question I Have: A big heart, and a big mouth I Don't: spend a lot of time on regrets. I Made: a lot of mistakes. I Kiss: away all my babies pain! I Believe: everyone has a reason for everything they do I Wait: patiently. I Need: a subtle change of scenery I Feel: HAPPY! 90% of the time:) I Know: not a damn thing*L* I Wonder:where am I gonna be when I'm older Ive seen: no half as much of this world as I would like I am :~Jessica~aka Jessie -Im loud and bold. -Im creative , -Im just the girl next door,~HAHA~yeah right! -Im not a barbie . -Im not afraid to get dirty. -I take pictures not notes. -Im not afraid to try something at least once :) -I have alot of spunk and a tendency to not think things throu. -I think and dream big . -I believe in God -I believe nothing last forever. -I believe in soul mates . -Im an idiot!:) but I love it -If the best you can do isnt worth a shit .. I say big deal .. Your doing better than most if you atleast try.
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