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simon says's blog: "Itchy"

created on 04/03/2008  |  http://fubar.com/itchy/b203927


Back from house sitting for my brother. Another week off before going back to school. Grueling is how to describe it. Intense no life other than school , so I am glad I had my quiet time to sit back and just not have to think about a single thing. Plus the completion of my tattoos, but really is it ever enough?
Faith can be slavery, because you are basing your perception of reality on what some one else said and not what you know.


Finally the insanity will be able to slow a bit, school is kicking my ass and now its time to work on the rest of my sleeve. Driving up to Austin to visit my bro and have a friend put up some finishing touches. Guess this means no beach for me this year, oh well. Family, friends a nice drink out finishing my chi hell what else do I need?
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