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Muse's blog: ""IT'S JUST FU""

created on 03/14/2012  |  http://fubar.com/it-s-just-fu/b347070

Someone said to me recently, "It's just Fu" same as I have said to others.

Hmmm... Yes, it's just Fu. But Fu has different meanings for different individuals. For some it's just a mindless time killer. Endlessly clicking that like button and staring into the monitor. There are the true gamers that are forever striving for the next level or another achievement. There are flirts, bling whores, friend collectors, those looking for love, those hoping for sex, exhibitionists, singles looking for a partner, partners gaming together. Many here make their profiles private and their privates public....

Sometimes we find what we're looking for, sometimes we switch categories. Some of us linger in between, gleaning little bits and pieces of the whole Fu experience as the need arises. Most looking to fill whatever void they have in real life. There are some in which Fu is their podium/platform for things they believe, a place to express themselves. Artists looking for a place to showcase their own abilities. All just want a place to be, with no judgement.

In my opinion, time spent here should be invested with others like minded. Someone looking for love shouldn't focus on someone looking for bling. Leads to inevitable disappointment. I've seen individuals that have gotten together and had very happy "real world" relationships. I've seen couples come here together and have a parting of the ways. Some are happy to maintain online, while others go whatever distance and make whatever sacrifice in the name of love.

I've had the privilege of making many friends. Some only fleeting. A few that I'm sure will be lasting friendships. And, of course, the one who introduced me to Fu. My friend, before I knew what Fu was, and will continue to be, long after the memory of Fu has faded.
Regardless of where you fit in or what you're looking for.... Please remember:


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