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Repost this if you guys don't mind :D It's Jamie's Turn!!! Let's get this awesome woman Godmothered! There are a few things I know about Jamie. 1. She shows up for everyone else! 2. She doesn't ever ask for much! 3. She never forgets those who come through for her! Is that a good friend (and PERSON) or what?! She has a Happy Hour coming up tomorrow (Monday) at 5pm PST (Fubar Time!). We are trying to get her number down some between now and then, so if you have a minute, go spank her a little bit today! :) If not, save some love to show during her hour! Our friends know how to do that for sure! :D I know I say this a lot.. but truth demands repeating.... you guys ROCK! When any of you have a happy hour coming up, be sure to let me know! Mwah!!! ~JaMie~CO OWNER OF CLUB FAR~TIM's FB WIFE~ I.B.I.C.~D.S.C.~

@ fubar And for those who don't know already... Club F.A.R. Rocks! If you aren't a member yet, what are you waiting for?? :D Hit one of these awesome people and they will get you started! Show them some love while you are there! Boricua God~Daddy * Owner Club F.A.R.

? Co-owner*? PobreDiabla ?Club Far ?

@ fubar #?Mölly?Nëw Cö-Öwnër?Öf Cl?b F.A.R?#


@ fubar ~?Splash?~Co-Owner Of Club F.A.R.?I.B.I.C.?DSC~

@ fubar
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