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So my M.O. is this.... Beth meets nice guy, Beth gets to know nice guy, Beth REALLY likes nice guy....Beth sets up nice guy with one of her friends.....they live happily ever after Beth meets asshole, Beth knows he's an asshole, Beth starts dating asshole.......Beth gets heart broken..... I don't wanna do this anymore...any suggestions for breaking a habit????
LOVE yOU Thanks to Ashlee, I came up with a love list. However, mine is not as long, but it’s a start! I love warm weather and the smell right before it rains. I love rain and the rainbows that appear right after. I love everything about summer, the weather, swimming, biking, grilling out, fireworks, the state fair, all the festivals and going to the beach to play volleyball. I love the smell of sugar cookies more than I love the taste. I love cottage cheese and yogurt. I love ranch dressing on basically everything. I love a good veggie/bean burger more than a regular one. I love fruit, all kinds, except kiwis because they make my tongue itch. I love mushrooms and black olives on my pizza, skip the meat please. I love dipping sauce and breadsticks and an Italian restaurant. I love a good martini, and margaritas, especially the strawberry ones. I also love wine. I love sushi, but not raw sushi (I know, its not real sushi then….). I love strawberry banana smoothies. I love oatmeal for breakfast. I love all types of soup, especially veggie ones. I love key lime pie and the sugar cookies with way too much frosting at the grocery store. I love the color pink and blue and brown and black (I know, not a color). I love wearing flip flops in the summer time. I love buying new summer clothes. I love lying by the pool when it is crazy hot outside. I love to go tanning. I love a ridiculously hot shower or hot tub. I love a nice bubble bath. I love crazy nights out. I love waking up the next day and thinking “I might die, but damn it was fun.” I love dancing, sober or not. I love to play my music really loud in the car and pretend like I’m a rock star. I love the looks I get when I pretend to be a rock star in the car. I love getting all dressed up even if it takes me over an hour. I love to sleep. I love naps that last over an hour. I love the TV show friends. I love will and grace. I love a good chick flick and a glass of wine by myself. I love breakfast food more than anything. I love kids, but not sure if I want any yet. I love cats and dogs. I love that a wiener dogs legs are so short and they have wrinkly skin on them. I love the fact that I will one day have one What do you love? Beth
I am scared of worms. Terrified. It is my worst fear. I am addicted to reality TV. The Hills is my favorite. I think Lauren and Lo are really my friends, and I talk about them as if we are. I can see a color, and then be able to pick the exact same color elsewhere later. My photographic memory talent extends only to colors. My favorite color is brown. I have had six different cars. My favorite was my Jeep Wrangler. It reminds me of fun times. I have an older sister. She is five years older and lives in Austin. We are more alike than we ever thought we would be. I can't function if things are too messy. Because of this, my house is clean almost all the time. I get my feelings hurt very easily. And I always assume I am being left out on purpose. I like to wake up before everyone else in the house. I like to sit quietly and drink my coffee. I am addicted to coffee. I get a massive migraine if I lower my intake. Which reminds me, I get migraines at least once a week. I am on very powerful medication. It just keeps them at bay. My doctor says I have one of the worst cases he has ever seen. I am pretty sure that is nothing to brag about. I am actually smart. But I say dumb things all the time, so it is hard to tell that I am smart. But I am. Trust me. My IQ is probably way higher than yours. Don't worry, I make up for that with my lack of common sense. I am a very sarcastic person. And funny. People laugh at my jokes and stories a lot. I tell good stories. My favorite singer is MoZella. I picked one of her songs to be my first dance song....uh not that I planned the whole wedding yet or anything. I want to get married in Mexico. With just a few friends and family. I travel to Mexico a lot. My toes are very sensitive. If I hurt them, I feel the pain in my lower lip. I watch CSI on A&E way more than anyone should. I yell, "Oh Horatio!" at the TV whenever Horatio does something oh so fantastic like discover a pollen from a rare plant on the left pant leg of the victim that happens to grow in the garden on the suspect. I eat a lot of chocolate. Dark chocolate. Everyday. I like the edges of brownies. For my mom's birthday, I bought her a pan that is specially shaped to make tons of edges. It makes yummy brownies. I run several times a week for several miles. I am a horrible runner. It took me forever to build up to where I am now. I love wine. I can't drink it anymore, because it makes my migraines worse. It is sad. I hate coconut. Not the flavor, the actual coconut pieces. I hate the texture. I actually like the flavor. I hate to cook. Hate it. More than doing laundry. When I get tired, my stomach starts to hurt. I get nauseated. I am not good at staying up late. I am scared of the dark. Extremely scared. I leave a light on in the hallway at night. I have two dogs. Both girls. Both fawn boxers. They are Sadie and Macy. I listen in on other people's conversations. If you are talking loud enough for me to hear, then I feel it is okay for me to join in. I make comments to random strangers all the time. They never seem to appreciate my comments. Hmm? I don't really like potato chips. I like corn ones though. I am eating chips now. That is why I thought of this. When I was younger I never felt like I had the right shoes to pull off outfits. This is directly related to why I own so many shoes now. I have the greatest shoe collection. Amazing. My favorite pair is silver satin pumps. They have a cute little bow on them. I have only worn them twice. I have had them for a year. I weigh less than I did in high school. Not by much, but still. This is both a blessing and a curse. I wish I didn't care what size I was. It would be more fun. I love Mexican food. Good thing I live in AZ. There is a lot of Mexican food here. I hate being late. Hate it. In fact, I would rather not go than be late. I was the ultimate tomboy as a child. So much that my mom thought I was going to be a lesbian. No lie. Now? I am very girlie. Annoyingly so. I annoy myself. I have zero patience. Zip. Zilch. I feel guilty a lot. Even when things aren't my fault or I had no control over it. I don't get jealous easily. I read constantly. Anything I can get my hands on. I have the labels on several products memorized because I read them so much. I read quickly. I can't add or subtract in my head However, I placed out of college Calc, and went on to take advanced Calc. Go figure. My desk is at the front of the house. My neighbor's desk is at the front of her house. Sometimes I catch her staring at me through the window. When I do, I start picking my nose. I take really hot showers. Scalding. I don't feel clean, otherwise. I brush my teeth too much. My dentist makes me limit it. Drinks that are room temperature make me vomit. No lie. I will throw up. I have a very weak stomach. I also have the bottomless pit. I am hungry all the time. I'm not really sure how I was cursed with both. I have a hard time telling people when they make me mad. So sometimes, I just stop talking to them for months at a time, until I am no longer pissed. I am very loyal to my friends, and I only have a handful of close friends. Everyone else I keep at arms length. I am addicted to trashy star magazines. I read them all. Don't worry. I balance it out with novels of literary merit. I will say the same thing to your face that I will say behind your back. I just might say it in a nicer way to your face! Women make me nervous. I can walk into a room full of men that I have never met, and within minutes be engaged in conversation. I walk into a room full of women, and I clam up and can barely remember my own name. When I was younger, I had more guy friends than girl friends, so I know it has always been this way. I love Post-It notes. Love them. Especially pretty ones. Actually, I love all office supplies. I am good at keeping really important secrets. I would tell you who to ask to back me up on this, but then you would know they have a secret. I won't even tell you who I know secrets about. I am that good. I talk to Tiffany on the phone about an hour a day. I had to change my cell phone service due to this. She is now in my faves, so it works well. Other than, Tiff, I hardly ever talk on the phone. Except to my mom. I talk to my mom a lot. Like two or three times in a day. I am a pretty good dancer. I am really good at dancing in the car. Alone. I do it often. It makes people in the cars around me laugh. I have issues with the way clothes feel on my body. If I can feel the seams, I can't wear it. I avoid socks for this reason. I am most comfortable in jeans and a white t-shirt. It is my go-to outfit. I own about fifteen white t-shirts. All name brands. It is a weird obsession. We have a pool in our backyard. We swim a lot. I want breast implants. Okay, actually more of a lift. I dream of new boobies. I can't wait until I can afford new ones. Despite my minor insecurities (let's face, it we all have them) and a few things I would change I am extremely happy with my life. I really feel like I am luckier than most.
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