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Our meeting was more than fate.

Godness knew you were my soul mate.

Your timming is never wrong.

Now we share a bond so strong.

Our time together means so much.

Each moment intensifies the need to touch.

Your love has reached my deepest soul.

Longing for you to daily hold.

May our love and need continue to grow.

Forever, LOVE, NEED, PASSION to each show.


My arms ache to hold you near

but my mind remembers all the miles between.

My lips feel that you aren't here to kiss

but my heart can't reach that far.

How can you be so far away

and yet so close?

How can I need you so much

and yet have to realize you are out of my grasp?

How can love be so possible

if love-making is not?

Why us?

Why now?

Why like this?

Why the pain?

When will it stop?

We both want.

We both need,

and yet neither of us gets

or gives

because we can't.

"If only..."

"I wish..."

we say,

but the miles remain long

and as cold as the lonely nights.

for you my love

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