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The Original T's blog: "The Machinist"

created on 02/19/2007  |  http://fubar.com/the-machinist/b56983
This bed of nails has become Burning flame As I watch you walk away All I can do is whisper your name I see you rising up Like the morning sun And the only thing I know is I wish that I were numb Cuz I remember Broken bottles on hiway signs I remember All those midnight drives Yes I remember well But I'm choosing to forget Would you be kind enough To leave the pieces Of my broken life behind So I can try and fix them As hard as I try I know I'll never be the same Cuz this bed of nails is Burning flame again And I remember The way you would look at me I remember How you felt like home I remember well But I'm choosing to forget Bed of nails Burning flame Bed of nails Burning flame I remember The bittersweet I remember How your love rescued me The heaven and the hell How my heart's a prisoner still Yes I remember well But I'm choosing to forget
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