I hide(poem) Blog by Kimberlyplain n simple
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My Tears are so warm

as they roll down my cheek,

and why they are even there is really beside me.

He wants to meet me

plays in my head, over and over again

with complete and total dread

But why

is the question that keeps going through my head

why can't I show how beautiful I am,

inside and out

why does it scare me to let someone inside my heart.

To see and feel the person I am

I have mastered hiding so well

so that he doesnt want me.

But I want him,

like I've never wanted anything before,

I want his touch,

his lips,

I want to hear his Laughter

I want his heart,

I want...... But for him to want me

I can feel this deep




in the depths of my soul

so I hide.

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9 years ago
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