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valentines day is going to suck i can already see that i am not going to be any ones valentine this year just like every other year except last year
I sit here thinking how could this be all we do is fight are we really ment to be can this be true is my heart playing tricks on me or am i falling for the wrong person my mind has so much grief in it my heart has so much pain and hurt do you know i cry at night because i am afraid your not the one i thought you was i sit here thinking im lying to myself lying to my heart that you could be that perfect one you yelled i cried did you come to me no you played your game and left me all alone how could i have been dumb enough To fall in love with someone like you i didnt even know you and i told you i loved you i told you my life story and all you had to say was i love you and there i went right into your arms like a foul i was to have done that how could i have been a foul to let my guard down to fall inlove with someone i didnt even know he loved me you was just someone new you showed me a good time a few times but that was it i broke his heart for someone who didnt even love me like i thought how could i have been so dumb i thought you loved me i guess i was just someone for you to have a good time with then out i go like an old paper you read over and over eventually it gets thrown away i sit here wondering where i went wrong what i did to make you hate me well i guess i know my answer i guess we're not really ment to be like i thought in this world ill never find someone thats real ill never find that one true love ill never find that one that loves me for me ill be all alone for the rest of my life (and with a baby this time) until then ill sit here ill sit here and wonder why why it has to be me me that sits here alone alone in this world with no one to love but my child and my family
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