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Why Did YoU LeAvE Me ???? Why Did you leave me ? That it what I ask We were together For so long. All the Promises All the hopes All the Dream All gone. You said we would be together forever Now I am wondering how long we will be friends I love you You say you love me too. The only problem is you don't think we should be You forget all the times we had fun, laughed, made love YoU ACT as if I am just another person But I should mean more. Now you are with him I won't ask you anymore Until you have broken up with him, there is one thing i ask Will you always be the Friend I wan't you to be ? I love you That's all that matters I can't help how I Feel But I know It'S real So until the day we are together again There is just one last thing I ask.... T____T


HOW I wish I could turn back time To the days when she was mine To the day when our hearts were one, When our clocks of love had just begun. How I wish I could turn back time To when love seemed like a crime, When she held me tight for o' so long. When her voice was my favorite song. But the hands of time cannot go back, And I must learn too face the fact. Her, new life has no room for me. Yet, still I love her...SECRETLY....
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