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The smoke and mirrors of the mind, Do so much when they bind. Who can see and who is blind. Is it you and are you mine? Or am I the one, Who cannot see? That it is you who are controlling me. The Dom, the Sub, the ill informed, All have longings from the day they were born. The whips and chains they do excite, But the bonds of the mind have all the might. Which is wrong and which is right? Which is strong and holds the key, The one on foot or the one on knee? Is it you or is it me?
Somethingís touch too deeply in the heart. Reasons that are best left in the dark Things that break you apart So deeply in the dark. The light should shine but it never will Only the memories remain but still But of the dark, I have my fill And I guess I always will. The wrong Iíve done was purely stupid of me It wasnít a thing that I meant to be I was just far too blind to see Darkness waiting for me. My life for the other Iíd be willing to give If only Iíd known, what it was to live With not ever being able to forgive Myself
Every night I lie awake, After I've prayed the Lord my soul to take. I dare not shut my eyes and rest, My heart will weep, my dreams will test. So there I lie awake in bed, A hole within and I feel dead. For if I find that I should fail, The dreams of you they will avail. I smell your hair and taste your lips, I explore your skin with fingertips. We steal away to a secret place, I nibble your ear and your heart will race. It does not last, a cruel joke to make, It's but a dream and my heart does break. So many nights I lie awake, After I've prayed the Lord my soul to take. At my worst I wish to die, My life's a sham, a snowballed lie. Every morning I scream it's false, But I love you above all else. Once you were here now you're not, A scant few memories, it's all I've got. I'm so tired, I dare not sleep, For when I wake I will weep. I miss your soul, I miss your smile, I wish we could be together for just a little while. Every time I dream of us, Together we were, and always thus.
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