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Pink0828 WANTS YOU! Photobucket The SEXY WOMEN AND MEN from all branches of Military for a NEW CONTEST!
Contest will start once I receive 10 entries and will run for 2 weeks once I do get them. Photobucket sexy topless girls girl ass hot sex wewt2003 THE RULES... 1. You must have a verified salute to be able to participate. 2. Your contest picture must be in uniform. 3. No charge of an entry fee unless someone else puts you in the contest, then it's $20,000 fubux. However they will get that back if your entry recieves either 100 rates or 1000 comments. This is a Rate only contests. But there will be a special prize given to the top Man/Woman who recieves the most comments. THE PRIZES... 1st place-500,000 Fubux & your choice of a 1month VIP or 7day blast- Plus an Offical Fu Bling 2nd place-250,000 Fubux & a 3day blast or Bling Pack- Plus an Offical Fu Bling 3rd place-100,000 Fubux and a 1 day blast or ticker- Plus an Offical Fu Bling combat boots are hot *Pink0828*~*~Help Me With Contest Coming Up. :)XOXOSign My Guest Book Please~*~

@ fubar Good Luck and Show Us Those Boots!!
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