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ugotitlikedat31's blog: "HOLLA"

created on 10/10/2006  |  http://fubar.com/holla/b12247
as i use paint shop pro 9, a hell of alot, ive made ma own LC tags.... tell me wot u think.. still trying to work out the animation side of things...lol
ive joinded quite a few of these sites... and i have to say that this one is the coolest..., but also the hardest to control.... im not from USA im from just outside london UK... i do try to edit it, with no joy..... its kinda frustrating


ive decided that i want a threesome, but wit da ladies....holla


so im blagging, hell no...i mean blogging..LOL lets see..how many of these places ive joined.. face-pic....faceperty...and facebox... DAMN LETS PARTY
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14 years ago
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