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Mystic's blog: "hello"

created on 02/09/2012  |  http://fubar.com/hello/b346381

"So when you are listening to somebody, completely, attentively, then you are listening not only to the words, but also to the feeling of what is being conveyed, to the whole of it, not part of it." Thank you Zen Master Itacus I love this and it is so very true..To bad most people do not do this....Wish more did because when people do not listen fully and hear what someone is truly saying not just the words but the feelings that go with them, it is one of the biggest contributors to drama, stupid miscommunication, problems and issues. That causes couples, friends and family to end their relationships with each other, so sad and tragic. People are always in such a hurry anymore  and in that they miss so much and get very little done. What happened to simple things like sitting down with loved ones and simply just talking (texting is NOT talking!!!) and enjoying each others company?? Try shutting off   the computers the cell phones and anything else that distracts you that's not a living creature and simply enjoy. If you starting having withdrawal symptoms seek help immediately!!!! Not a joke your a addict and slave to it. Cure simple real friends and family that care and enjoy your real company and truly listening to you!!!!!

Well ok first time I have had someone get offended for saying *have a great evening* and *have fun* and get told *If i ever want to take a long walk he knows where a short pier is*...I'm so sorry that I don't always feel like talking, even i have bad days and get stressed out, no reason to be rude and impolite especialy when even though I don't feel like talking I'm still being polite just talking very little...Oh hold on I am going to be impolite now....the world does not evolve around you grow up get a life you don't like then either go get bent or leave me the freak alone can't then welcome to my block list trust me you won't be lonely on it....JFS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i was just told i was full of myself beacuse i can't be bought with VIP or bling i turned down a friends request cause it

s friends only sorry i dont accept them if i cant check you out first then not going to happen. then i was told it was my loss cause he gives out VIP and bling. my loss how i dont care about it friends give me gifts and i love them but i dont expect it or demand it. i'm here to make friends not popularity. sorry if that offends people and hey if it does let me know i'll delet you and block you...freaking hells bells get a fucking life will you....my friendship cant be bought i give it willing 

WOW!!!!!! I can't believe it..someone takes my love for my friends and me giving them a rose everyday to let them know they are all special and tries to make it a bad thing....like i should'nt ever do it....well guess what my ex husband never allowed me to have friends and now that I can and I do I REFUSE to take them for granted and if people don't like it then SCREW THEM!!!!!!! get the freak off my page!!!!!!!!!

Ok doing this here cause I can :). I'm Mystic been called that for so long don't know if i would answer to anything else lol. I'm happily divorced :). Retired nurse, i have 2 sons who are my heart and my world, and a grandson on the way (haha) i'm older then what you think. See blood does the body good *bites* LOL. Deal with it people! I DO NOT put up with drama ever dam good way to get blocked and fast! Please don't put up porn on my page i'll just delete it. The sexy pics yeah love them vamp pics keep sending them and if i like them i add them to my pics. Ok back to the BS stuff i've been through more and seen more then 95% of most people ever will and never should. Need to talk then Sb me i'll sit and talk i'll either understand or do my best to try. I love my FU friends and family i have the most amazing people in my family THEY ROCK!!!!! I'll like you rate you fan you but i wont cam with you nor will i give out my private info or yahoo, skype info again deal with it. Don't ask to see my private pics i'm not going to let you. If i want you to see them i'll let you it's my choice. Ok well guess that's it enjoy my page and my pics bite on me i'll bite back just let me know you were there. Enjoy the day for the night is MINE!!!!!!!!!            

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