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Bedrock love on my fam's blog: "hello"

created on 11/29/2006  |  http://fubar.com/hello/b29445

our friendship is like two plants seeded in a garden or flower pot,

we grow together,

we grow as indivutals,

as well as friends,

is a mystery in our friendship that is unfolding in our lives that we don't understand,

as we accept our muturity in vairous stages of development,

there is uncertinity here as well as hope,

there is hurting and nuturing,

ultimately there is acceptance in our friendship,

in order for us to grow from here,

there is lots of room for love to grow here,

i would not want it any other way.




Dear dad, its been 7 years that you left to walk with the angels, i miss you everyday. your grandson is growing into a young man. very smart young man. your wife, my mom is trying to catch up to the information age. both your sons are doing the best they can in this cruel world called life. miss you. we will see you one day with the angels. love ya

what has this world come too when you have so many innocent lives lost, I live far away from what happened but it still impacts us all. We ask things of why in times like this. Do we really need to know why. Or is it better to maybe not let it happen again. This kind of stuff is happening way to often and we need to figure out what the root cuase in all of this is. I am one man's opinion but i will be hugging my nephew a little tighter this weekend and to let him know that i love him. bedrock

Dear Dad, it has been 5 years since you walked with god and his angels. Your grandson is going into grade 7 and reminds us from time to time his memories of you when he was younger. He still calls your chair Grandpa's chair. Thank you for protecting us from above and contiue to do so.. My dad ( rick k, 1945-2007) R.i.p.

dear dad, how is it going? well alot of things happened since the last time i wrote you. Mom is doing find and i am still taking care of her like i promises. Your grandson is getting bigger. He started tae kwan doe this year and he is loving it. Mom went to vegas this year and i got her watching horror movies. She only screams a few times in her old age lol. there is some sad news though as your great nephew just passed away. He was only nine so watch out for him and grandma until we get their one day. There is a new women in my life that makes me happy and makes it worth living. Just wanted to say i love you dad and I still miss you. Rip dad september 14 2007 bedrock

there are times like this past week that i am glad to have you in my life, there are times i wish i ran away long ago, there are times i think of you and i can not keep from smiling, there are times i think i can tell you anything because you understand, there are times i wished i did not tell you how i thought, there are times i cry myself to sleep because of it, there are times that i see you smile and it stops, i have put pad locks around my heart, bolted the door shut and threw away the key, I did how ever keep the window open a crack just in case. Bedrock

dear god, I wanted to ask you to protect my friend michelle when she gets up thier today, i was at the chappel when i heard the mister say two f words, fear and forgive. I forgive you for taking michelle at a young age of twenty one. I was going to ask you to protect her as she had a pretty good mouth on her and she would tell me to f off.. that they way she was.. I know know when it it my time to go, when i get thier, she will be running the place and she will sneek me in for free.. bedrock

perfect angel,

a perect angel is somone thier in the good time,

a perfect angel is someone thier in the bad times,

a perfect angel is someone who is next to you,

a perfect angel is someone who is far away from you,

a perfect angel is someone like you who doesnt know how you make me smile,

a perfect angel is someone i call a friend,

you are a perfect angel as i call you my friend.


as it started to be a winter storm,

god had other plans when he made you go pick up your wife from work,

traveling down that icey road,

he knew you would do the right thing when that car lost control,

he knew you would turn your car so it was your side that would get hit,

even tho you leve behind a wife and four kids,

god has better plans for you,

walking with the angels,

rip keith,

jan 27, 2011


there are times i look at the water,

in it i see  a perfect goddess,

sometimes she is smart,

sometimes she is looking out for me,

theres times i wish i could talk to her,

there are times i miss her smiling face,

there are times i look in the water,

I see her smiling because she a cool friend,

muah,, happy bday hun

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