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created on 10/12/2007  |  http://fubar.com/heart-broken/b140595
Brandy's son passed away, today. When she got the news,it took her breath away. I didn't know what to do ,or say. I don't think she'll ever be the same. Her heart broke a little more today. I sit and and watched her slip away. Down a road I hope she don't stay. Brand's heart broke a little more today. A mothers love can't be replaced. His memories will never be eraised. No one one could ever take his place, in her heart. Even though now they seem worlds apart. He's still with her,everywhere she goes. She still carries him so close. A mother loves her kids the most. Brandy's heart broke a little more today. Her son is gone. She wonders what she did wrong. What horrible thing caused all this pain. Everything so familor,now feels so strange. Brandy's heart broke a little more today. Tommorrow she'l get up and wipe the tears away. Try to start a brandnew day. Try to find the courage to say. He's in a better place. Look for the smile on his face. It takes her to a place. Full of love and happyness. When she thinks of him at his best. Some day she'll rest. When her heart isn't so broken. When her words are well spoken. when she's not drowning in this sea of fear. when she can see his face. Feel his warm imbrace. Someday in a better place! If you listen you can hear. Brandy's heart brake a little more today!
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