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She is Home!!! Sorry if I cantype all that well right now but I just wanted everyone to know that she is home and doing well, Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for all of your thoughts, prayers and well wishes to her in her time of need, it truly did help. Love you all so much; Nathaniel Once Again My Friend and I cannot thank you enough for your support, your kind words, your prayers and your thoughts. I spoke with her today and her Doctor said that he had no idea why she was making such great progress. I think we all know why, Love and Faith are on her side:) Those of us who truly believe in Higher Beings Know that those beings have an Undying Love and when we place our trust in them fully they come through for us. I have added a special Folder Titled "I Believe There Are Angels Among Us. Let me introduce you to Them....." And all of the Real Life Angels I have found are in it. I love you all so much that I cannot put it into words, so I will not even try. It would dull the sentiments I am feeling to attempt to do so because words could never do justice to what I feel for you all. Sincerely and with warmest regards; Nathaniel ******************************************* Update: I don't know if there are words to express my gratitude for the outpouring of support and love that you all have shown. My Friends fever has broken and her breathing is getting much less labored. I can only attribute this to the outpouring of love, prayers and healing energies that you all have given. So I thank you all from the bottom of my heart and send her undying gratitude to you all as well. Love you always my Friends and although I have an Angel over my picture, you all have proven today that you are the True Angels. Love always and forever; Nathaniel ********************************************** For all of my Family and Friends Here on FuBar; It is very rare that I ask anything of you all. Right now I am terrified for a very Dear Friend of mine's health, she is currently in the hospital and they are trying their best to treat the infection in her lungs. I am asking all of my Pagan Brothers and Sisters to please send healing energy her way and for all of my Dear Friends of all other faiths, please say a prayer for her to get better because right now the infection is winning and I can't stand it. I am honestly scared right now for her health and there is nothing I can do from here but ask for your thoughts and prayers. I love you all and thank you for reading this; Nathaniel
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