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So I have been thinking.. and I have figured out the traits of the girl Im looking for. Just something I came up off the top of my head, but FYI I am not picky though! I would love to find a girl who is basicly a sweetheart. I want a "girly" girl, who loves to dress up, but I would love a girl who can do basic work on her car. Doesnt mean she HAS to, but can. I want a girl who can look good in jeans, but wears heels too. Can go out to dinner one night, but will go to a car show with me too. Likes to star gaze and pick shapes out of the clouds. Family is a big thing with me, and I look forward to having my own, but I want a girl who will be able to roll with the punches, because MY family loves to poke fun at eachother. She must like kids, because I want to be a father, WITH the girl I settle down with. Had a stutter step once, but It helped cement what Im looking for. Loyalaty is a big thing with me. I would love to find a girl who would take my hand just because. I love to cuddle. For me, hugs and a girl laying against my chest or against me when we watch movies makes me feel like I can do anything. I want someone who has her own things in her life, but looks forward to hearing from me, and likes to send me a message just because. My ex recently made fun of me because despite despite my recent bad luck, I am still a hopeless romantic. I like doing little things, like bringing a little something that made me think of her. I want a girl I can be silly with. I love bad jokes, and wandering around the Wal Mart toy section at 2 am. I want someone whose laugh I fall in love with and want to hear over and over. I want someone who I can sit with in a book store and read.. Or will go to IHOP for coffee, for no reason other then she would be with me. I love to travel, and would love to see the world. I have seen two of the 4 oceans, and want to see touch the other two before I die. I want someone who will lightly run her hand up and down my arm when we ride in the car..and offer to rub my back if it hurts. Looks arent super important, but I have always prefered shorter girls. If she has dark hair and light eyes its a plus.. and all that and an accent.. WOW lol These are just some hopes. I know what I want in life, it's just finding it that has become a quest. I decided to not stop looking until I find it.. Have you seen this girl? Are YOU this girl?
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