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You know why fucking women are always on top of the internet world its because men are so fucking stupid to make them that way alright allow me to explain im not a fucking idiot I understand fully whats going on on this bull shit site geeks and nerds see all anyways so women have on there profiles oh add me fan me rate me before you add me to my fantasy world and men fucking stoop down and do this its no wonder why women are oh so popular on this fucking website you dont see any popular guys except the muscle heads because its simple really I dont care if I loose friendship involving this I know for a fact this is pure 100% real ....so fuck you and your popularity enjoy it its the fucking internet wake the fuck up you dumb bitch.......im a man who speaks up and has balls not stick my tail between my legs and walk away....Now ill admit some of you have nice game but ehhh whatever I find the effort making me go home with a hurting brain so I quit...
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