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53 Year Old · Male · From Kings Mountain, NC · Joined on March 19, 2009 · Relationship status: It's Complicated · Born on July 22nd · 1 referrals joined! · I have a crush on someone!
53 Year Old · Male · From Kings Mountain, NC · Joined on March 19, 2009 · Relationship status: It's Complicated · Born on July 22nd · 1 referrals joined! · I have a crush on someone!

OK my children....I am the immortal, the ever-present, the Ancient One...BLAKKDETH.
I am the original Gothic Biker. I was Goth before these damn teenagers even knew what IT was. Hell the Ancient Ones were Goth before they even had a name for it. Back then we were called the freaks....MUHAHAHAHA!!!!
They look at me and wonder why I'm a freak, but I look at them and wonder why they are all the same....

Look, it's like this people, I have seen Death many times before. So don't come in here talking all this shit about how your life sucks so bad that you just wanna end it all, and how you've tasted Death's sweet embrace....BULLSHIT!!!

I was navy SEAL and watched as my best friend took 3 slugs in the chest for me.

I watched as my mother fell deathly ill and her health deteriorated over a period 2 years before she died....and could do nothing.

I watched as my fiance burned in a fireplace accident and buried her 2 weeks later when she met Death. I was in the fire that cost me everything two months later and Death had one shoulder and My sweet Carrie had my hand...she pulled me from the flames of Hell and gave Death the finger as we left.

So, in conclusion....in the immortal words of Limp Bizkit; "I pack a chainsaw, and I'll skin your ass raw. So come and get it!"

OK some facts about me:
-I am a very picky eater
-I am not ticklish
-I am actually very intelligent
-I have a bleeding heart, (sometimes).
-I could eat eggs for every meal
-I could talk your ear off one moment, and want to say nothing the next
-I have always dreamed about being a writer
-People have told me that I should have been an artist
-I believe our hearts are all one color...
-My Mom passed away in 91,My Dad in 96, and my Fiance, Carrie in January 2006
-I am definitely the black sheep
-I play pc games and very much enjoy them
-I am a very good cook
-My favorite song of all time is "Nymphetimine" by Cradle of Filth.
-I am very honest, and expect the same, people sometimes think I am to brutally honest
-I am a open book, ask and I will tell, even the most offensive questions
-My eyes are green, they look a different color of green depending on my moods
-I am a true Cancer
-I moved out on my own when I was 17
-I am very opinionated, and stand up for what I believe, but won't judge others for what they believe
-I get bored very easily, my mind needs stimulation all the time.
-If you don't have a picture on your profile, then don't even bother to ask me to ADD you.
-You MUST take the time to at least write something about yourself on your profile. I mean it's your page and want to make friends; so at least let them know who you are what you are about. Even if it's only to say "I'm Barbie and you gotta love me." Try to at least make it somewhat intelligent people. Damn, this is the new mellinium for crying out loud. We're not the fucking Flintstones anymore.
-If I do add you, and you further want to be added to my messenger, then you better have a cam. Not really for sex shit...Just to make sure I'm not talking to any underage bullshitters.
-If you have taken the time to upload pictures of a sexy or naughty nature on the internet; do not think that they cannot be seen on here simply because you mark them Private.
-If I decline to add you as a friend, do not ask again. And that's my final answer.....
-I am one of the few Ancient Ones who have endured a lifetime of pain and suffering for you...My experience does not warrant your approval, nor does it need your denials; but when you least expect it, you will seek me out in the depths of my dark angst. Then you will understand, my children...then you will truly understand. The Ancient Ones have endured much, only to remain here to guide you.


Once again my children, Death has come close and missed the Ancient One.
On Wednesday April 17, 2007 at approximately 6 AM EST; my oldest brother (the level-headed one) wrapped a towel around the barrel of his gun and took his own life as he lay in his bed.
How many more must I lose? How much more must I endure for you on this earth?!
...And still there are those who "think" that they know what is going on here. This old earth, (and this old man) hold many secrets yet to be revealed to you at this time children.
Today, as a direct result of trust, I have lost faith in the human race once again, (and probably for good).I have tried to work hard all my life, only to continue to be knocked down each time that I get a little ahead. In all my years, I have never achieved anything that I have wanted. I have never attained the only one true thing that I have desired...a family.
If no one hears from me for quite awhile, it is because today's society and it's ways are forcing me to go "underground" once more. To totally disappear from the face of the earth until such a time as I have been properly healed from the deep wounds I have incurred over this century.
"...And the dragon slumbered, not knowing the evil ways of mankind, but hearing with eternal ears from under the earth."
The horrors that I have seen, and the losses that I have had in the past are trying the patience of this old ugly dragon once more. I continue to feel the loss of my princess, Carrie more and more each and every day. She was my life, my world, my universe, and my heaven.
This old world harbors the actual old-world demon, and that is ME. I am the Unnameable. The Unspeakable. The one no one dares to mention. I am the black-sheep, the fallen, the sullen...but I am who I am, and I am immortal. I have seen the horrors of the ages, the brutality of brother against brother in war, the stench of Death as it took everyone that I have ever loved.
I have no love to give any longer. No compassion for this strange old earth and its inhabitants. My life will be led by the awaiting of the eventual death of my past, the death of my memories, the death of ME.
If and when my time finally does arrive to this old body, you will remember me. Each time the wind blows, my name will carry the tides. Each time the sun shines, my face will light your way. Each time it rains, my tears will wash away the evil and the wrong from this world......

53 Year Old · Male · From Kings Mountain, NC · Joined on March 19, 2009 · Relationship status: It's Complicated · Born on July 22nd · 1 referrals joined! · I have a crush on someone!
Disturbed; Godsmack; Celtic Thunder; Avalon Rising; Coyote Run

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