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These are Hauntumentaries about the Spurlington Tunnel in Central KY, (Taylor, Campbellsville, KY) My Hometown.. My dad use to skip school in this tunnel when he was in school.. Part one.... Part Two... Part Three...

Winchester House United States, California, San Jose Many mysteries surround this surreal mansion. There are a hundred and sixty rooms in this house, many having unique features such as windows looking into other rooms, doors opening outside from the third floor, and various sizes of doors. “Why,” one might ask; the reason is quite simple. After Sarah Winchester’s husband and child died in 1884, she went to try to contact their spirits; she wanted to know what to do concerning the ghosts of all the people that had been killed by the Winchester rifle. She was unable to contact her family, but was instructed to incessantly add rooms to the house to constantly confuse the unfriendly spirits. When the earthquake of 1906 struck, she was pinned a room. Building continued and she was never seen again. Today, residents hear ghostly music emanating from the house. Many other strange activities have been reported as well. Ghost Hunters investigated this place..
University Chapel United States, Alabama, Auburn Once used as a theater, the University Chapel was a hospital during the Civil War. When the chapel was used by theater students, it was haunted by a ghost identified as Sydney Grimlett. When the thespians moved their operations across the street to the Telfair Peet Theater, Sydney followed. Sydney Grimlett, a confederate soldier, had his leg amputated before he died. When there are theater productions, Sydney makes his presence known by opening and closing drawers, making rattling noises, locking and unlocking doors, and destroying equipment only to repair it again. There have also been reports of pianos playing and footsteps on the catwalk.
Parkwood Apartments United States, Alabama, Birmingham During the 1970’s, these apartments were the site of a multiple homicide. On the anniversary of the murders, which occurs in January, the stench of burning human flesh is pungent. Blood appears to ooze from the upstairs foyer. One woman even reported feeling fingers caress her neck and bosom on that January day. Many believe the apparition to be that of the murderer; he was never found.
Haunted Mining Town United States, Arizona, Jerome During the turn of the century, thousands of miners flocked to this boomtown to seek fortune. After the copper mine was depleted, all but one hundred of the miners left. Today, the community is a haven for artists, and has been designated a historical landmark. Ghosts in the town include that of a prostitute that resides in the building now called “Spook Hall.” In the Old Episcopal Church on Cleopatra Hill, a white, misty sprit of unknown origin has been spotted on numerous occasions. In the Old Company Clinic, the ghosts of the influenza epidemic of 1917 are said to reside.
The Myrtles’ Plantation United States, Louisiana, St. Francisville The Myrtles’ Plantation House was built in the late 18th century by General David Bradford, a Revolutionary War officer. After leading the Whiskey Rebellion in Virginia, General Bradford was to the area that would soon become Louisiana. There, through a Spanish land grant, he acquired the land that would eventually become the Myrtles’. Gen. Bradford chose the location since it was the highest point around. Unfortunately, the spot had served as a burial ground for the Bayou Goulas and Houmas Indian tribes. When his workers came across bones as they were laying the foundation, they were ordered by Bradford to stack and burn them. For many years, Gen. Bradford lived in the house with his family. He only once reported seeing a ghost–a naked Indian woman that was always crying. After he died a natural death, Gen. Bradford’s house and plantation were passed on to his daughter and son-in-law. Soon after taking over the plantation, Judge Woodruff, the son-in-law, chose one his house slaves, Chloe, to serve as his mistress. As young woman, Chloe once caught the judge in a very compromising situation. Woodruff was upset at what she had seen, so he had Chloe’s left ear cut off. To hide the awful scar, she began wearing a green turban and it became her trademark. To try to regain her good name with the Judge, Chloe laced a cake with oleander flowers. She hoped the judge’s family would get sick and she would be able to nurse them back to health. Unfortunately, she used too much oleander and everyone except the judge died. When he found out what happened, Woodruff had Chloe hanged and left in the tree for several days. He would not allow her burial on the grounds and had her thrown into the Mississippi. Today, her angry spirit terrorizes the grounds.
As the story goes, a young woman returned home from work one afternoon to find her Doberman Pincer gagging and choking on something..what, she did not know. Unable to help the dog dislodge the foreign matter herself, she rushed him to the nearest animal hospital, where she was advised to leave the dog for observation. Upon returning home a second time, she immediately received a telephone call from the animal hospital. "Yes, is my Doberman alright?" she asked. "Did you find out what he was choking on?" In response, the veterinary doctor told her, "Listen...don't ask any questions, just get out of your house, NOW!! The police are on their way!" Alarmed, she asked, "W-Why? Is my dog alright? What's going on??" "Lady, I don't have time to explain," the doctor replied. "For your own safety, just do as I say! Get out of your house NOW, and wait for the police to arrive!!" Now frantic, the woman did as the doctor told her, and ran out of her house to wait for the police. When the police did arrive moments later, they searched the woman's house thoroughly...and in an upstairs closet, they found a male intruder who'd been hiding there for some time. Understandably, the intruder had gone into shock, as his right hand was still profusely bleeding. He was soon taken away in an ambulance. As it turned out, the woman's protective Doberman Pincer had been choking on three of the man's fingers...which the doctor had removed from deep within the dog's throat!
The story begins in Sarajevo. Sarajevo then was in Bosnia and Herzegovina, a state recently annexed by the imperial court of Vienna. The Hapsburg Dynasty gave an open topped limousine, as a gift, to the Archduke Franz Ferdinand, heir to the troubled throne. The Archduke rode in it for the first and last time in July of 1914 on a state visit to Sarajevo. In the limo with the him on this day were his beloved wife the Archduchess Sophie Ferdinand,General Potiorek of the Austian Army, three Austrian Dignitaries, and of course the driver. During an official tour of the city, a nationalist by the name of Gavrilo Princip stepped out onto the road and shot into the limo. Both Franz and Sophie were shot and killed. Soon after this incident, World War I began. Soon after the Archduke's death a general by the name of Potiorek became the next victim "errr" i mean owner of the car. A few weeks into World War I his armies suffered a disasterous rout at the hands of the weak and disorganized army of Serbia. After the embaressing loss to Serbia, General Portiorek was summoned back to Vienna by the Emperor Franz Josef I. There in Vienna, the Emperor made an example out of the general by humiliating him. With his reputation in ruines, he lost all grip on reality and became insane. He died in Vienna a raging lunatic in an asylum. Soon after General Portiorek was summoned back to Vienna, a captain from his personal staff was given ownershipof the cursed limousine. Nine days later he was driving down a narrow road. Two peasants walked out in front of him. The captain, trying to avoid them, swerved and lost control of the vehicle. The 2 peasants were hit and killed. He then rammed into a tree on the side of the road. The crash killed him instantly. The curse of the limousine takes anothe life. The car remained ownerless for a couple years after the captain's death. After World War I ended, the governor of newly independent Yugoslavia claimed ownership of the limo. After he had the car restored to look brand new, the governor endured a series of terrible accidents. One of these accidents was so severe, he had to have his left arm amputated him his left arm. Having no use for the limousine anymore, the governor sold it to a doctor. For six months, the doctor had no problems with the limo. Then one night he mysteriously loss control of the car, and tipped the limousine upside down into a ditch. The subsequent crash killed him. For he was trapped under the car, and crushed to death. The car was passed over from the doctor to a relation of his. A diamond dealer by the name of Simon Mantharides. Simon had the limousine for almost a year. During that year, he seemed to have no ill fated luck befall upon him. Then one day out of the blue, Simon Mantharides was found dead in his house. He had committed suicide. Strike up another body for the cursed limousine. The limousine was then passed into the hands of a Swiss racing driver. He didnt have the limo for long though. He was killed while driving it. The limo swerved off the road and crashed against a stone wall, throwing him over the wall and killing him. The next in line of victims was a Serbian farmer. This undisclosed farmer bought the limousine for an unbelievable sum because of its now infamous historical background. One morning the limo would not start. So knowing he needed to get into town to get some help to fix the limousine, he hitched a ride on a horse and cart. Unknowingly, the farmer forgot to switch off the ignition, and the engine started up suddenly. With the sudden start of the engine, the limo lurched forward into the horse and cart. The farmer was thrown from his ride. The cart then fell on him, crushing the farmer to death. The last known death from the cursed limo was a garage owner that restored the limousine to look like new. He was on his way to a wedding in the limousine with 6 other friends when his tragedy happened. The garage owner and his friends were late for the wedding and tried to pass a long line of vehicles in the breakdown lane of the highway. The limousine spun out of control and crashed on the side of the road. The crash killed both him and four of the six friends that were riding with him. The limousine is now parked harmlessly in a Viennese museum. Since the last crash it has been restored to its former beauty. But, has not been driven on the road. From what I understand, no one is brave eough to attempt it
Just south of San Antonio, Texas, there is an intersection of roadway and railroad track that has become very famous in the paranormal and urban legends catagory. The intersection was the site of a tragic accident in which several children were killed - but their ghosts forever remain at the spot. And the curious from all over the world come to this intersection of railroad track and roadway to witness firsthand the paranormal phenomena they've heard takes place there. This is the story as I have heard and read about it. Back in the early to mid 70's, a school bus full of children was making its way down the road and toward the intersection when it stalled out on the railroad tracks. A speeding train, going way to fast to slow down in time, smashed broad side into the bus.The crash killed 10 of the children and the bus driver. Since that dreadful accident almost 30 years ago, any car stopped near or on the railroad tracks will be pushed by unseen hands across the tracks to safety. It is supposedly the spirits of the children, who push the cars across the tracks to prevent a another accident and tragedy like the one they suffered. Everday, cars will stop on the haunted intersection to see if the legend is true. The driver of the car will stop some 20 to 30 yards from the tracks and puts the car in neutral gear. And sure enough, even though the car is going up an incline toward the tracks, the car begins to roll. It rolls very slowly at first, then steadily gaining speed - seemingly of its own accord and against gravity - up and over the tracks. This has been tested time and time again, and cars really do roll up and over the tracks - every time. The best part about this legend is as follows. Before you put your car in position near the tracks, sprinkle a light film of white powder - like talcum or baby powder - over the car's trunk and rear bumper. After the vehicle goes up and over the rail road tracks and comes to a halt. Go behind your vehicle. You will see tiny sets of fingerprints and handprints all over the back of the vehicle.these prints are those of the ghost children that were killed all those years ago. Many who have tried it swear that indeed they can see the evidence of small children's handprints in the powder.
It is told in the legend, that on one of the last Sundays before Lent, there was to be a dance at a place called the Vineyard. The Vineyard was a ballroom situated in one of the inner suburbs of Danzig. After going to confession and communion that day, a young servant woman told her mother that she was invited to attend the dance. Despite the reprimands of her mother, an honest laundress, who warned her not to desecrate the sabath day by going to such an affair. The young lady couldn't resist the temptations of going to such a gala, even though it was a holy day. She arrived at The Vineyard around 8:00pm, but it didnt take long before the punishment for her sacralidge came. Around midnight, she saw a handsomely dressed stranger with black hair and eyes that shown brightly like onyx. The handsome man spotted the young lady and approached her. In words that seemed to penetrate into the depths of her soul he said "May I dance with you". She took his arm with pleasure. As they began to waltz, she noticed how wonderful the man could dance. As they glided across the dance floor, the couple started dancing faster and faster. One of the musicians playing in the band was watching dancing couple carefully. As he watched the two dance across the floor, he began to notice that the man had strange looking feet. After further observation, he came to the startling conclusion that the mans feet were not feet at all. They were shaped like hooves, goats hooves to be exact. The musician realized that the man wasnt a man at all. Who he was looking at was none other than Satan himself! He drew his fellow musicians attention to the couple, and in the very middle of the waltz they were playing, they stopped and broke into a religous hymn. As they started playing this hymn, the clock struck twelve. The devil pulled the young lady close to him and in a dazzling whirl, crossed with her to the other side of the ballroom. The devil, holding the bedazzled lady, crashed through a stained glass window out into the night air. All the people at the dance rushed out into the garden that surounded the Vineyard to find the girl lying on the grass covered in broken glass. The young lady was dead, and the devil had vanished.
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