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avengerki's blog: "Fuzzy Blog"

created on 01/28/2007  |  http://fubar.com/fuzzy-blog/b49624

What I have been doing is creating websites. There nothing much but hey they are mine and it is fun woohoo. Credit Cards

Ok as some of you may know at least if you've read my profile or looked at my pics I have two wonderful kids. Well lately I have been thinking of their future. Just your typical I want a better life for my children then I had. Since I never went to college neither my parents or I could afford it I would like to give my kids the opportunity. So I started looking around and found a college savings program that was free. It's called upromise and can be found at www.upromise.com. The main way it works is you register those grocery store vip cards and when you purchase certain items a small percentage of the price is paid by the manufacturer to upromise who puts it into your account. It's all free and doesn't cost you anything. What I was wondering was if any of you are interested in helping me out? If not at least check it out and do it for your own children/grandchildren. All I need is an email address and I can invite you to help me out I promise I will only use your email for the invitation and more then likely forget the email address. I will keep a list and buy you a blast when I can afford it, and at the least give you a gift or two. The more people that help the more likely I will be able to send them to college. Thank You, Robert Baker
Hey I joined a program called Upromise. Its a program to help put money away for college for your kids. Anyways yes its legit. I was just wondering if you could help me. The easiest way I know to get you to help me is to give me your email address and then I send you an invitation. If you want to find out more about it you can check out their website at www.upromise.com. Even if you don't offer to help me I encourage you to do it to help your own children. The majority of the funds comes from specific items you buy at a grocery store when you use one of the grocery store vip cards. But you can also link a credit card to it and shop online or a certain restaurants. Don't worry its free. Anyways have a great day, Robert
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