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heartsCandyhearts's blog: "fuck!!"

created on 10/04/2006  |  http://fubar.com/fuck/b10194


im so fucking pissed. so much shit is going on with me and my mom. i cant take it anymore. i just want to run away. and i dont want to sound all emo and everything cuz that shits retarded. but honestly. drinking, yelling, fighting. not to mention her asshole bf. i dont know what to do. she is nice for like 10 min then SNAP! shes a bitch. Shes even talkin about sending me to a foster home. Or to live with my dad in Texas. which i cant do. i hate my real dad with a passion, worse than i hate my mom. my mom and i used to be best friends. then we moved to vermont and she started drinking and i cant take it. i dont know what to do? i can go live with my dad in NH but she wont let me. im so confused. IF anyone knows what i can do help?!
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14 years ago
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