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Lost Soul StshBndiCoot's blog: "Freedom"

created on 09/06/2007  |
There is a man, a special man, He's strong and full of pride; He's talented and cunning, He's never failed at what he's tried. You may know him well, or not at all, Yet, may have seen him, walking proud; He may be the ones who's smiling, In a dark and saddened crowd. Yet, in that crowd of sadness, There are those that live in fear; For he is the one who raped them, His reward, their every tear. He is quite proud, of who he is, And grateful, for the words unsaid; The ones that could have stopped him, But he's smiling instead. He'll go on to ruin other lives, To drain another heart; He'll find another to live in fear, When he's ripped their soul apart. And he's untouchable, this special man, He's as strong as you let him be; Safe to rape the ones you love, And, proudly, living free.
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