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DJ Boo AKA STON3D N SOUL3SS's blog: "Poetry"

created on 01/29/2007  |  http://fubar.com/poetry/b49824
Photobucket Wish the darkness could take me away, like a ghost saying goodbye my friend, i am here again but i am not alone, i brought a friend, i don't know him as sure as i am, we looked at the midnight sky once again, but then he ran in to the woods as fast as he could i followed him as best as i could, i see him near the dark area with a pod, but its hard to explain as you can see, i hid behind a large stump to stay out of sight, and i tried with all my might, but only god know, but then i seen him looked at the full mooned sky, but i guess you could say i might have seemed to be high. i seen a wolf as black as ash coming from a cave full of snow that appeared out of nowhere just seconds ago, but that i wasn't the way i wanted to die that night, i rather die fighting tonight, i seen his teeth as he started to growl and snickered. he snap at me twice getting closer and closer to my flesh each time . so i had my hatchet by my side, i pulled it out with a slice and dice with all my might... so far it was a good fight, but only only one will die tonight. so i swiftly cut his head off at the neck and as he fell he said great fight but you have to fight my friends tomorrow night.
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