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created on 09/19/2011  |

 The future must be workin hard, It's cashin' out time like checks.

     The days are seemin' shorter, and we are growin' older faster.

     I miss the days me and my bro would play Grand tourismo all day, winning shit.

     And i miss the times when me and my friend max would fuckin sail lego boats across

     A little lake just to find out it sank, and be completely cool with it, straight up.

     Shit, there is so much more than i could ever print in these lines that i miss.

     But somethings are better left unspoken.


     If you haven't noticed everything is ment to fade.

     But at the end of the last day, don't mourn.

     Just make sure you leave on a good note for someone to remember you by, 

     Cause really no one gives a shit how you come in, Its all about how you exit.

     When you exit, scar them with you're presence, for the best. 


     Seems like lately iv been in Debt with reality...

     Time to burn another blunt, it'll keep it off my shoulders while im high up. 

As i wake from a seemingly endless nightmare my senses become intact and i realize that the world is dark, red streaks gash the skies like an open wound and trees are decorated with fire blowing turbently with the smell of ash and smoke trailing in the wind. From my window I witness judgement day.


  Deer dash across the empty lot near my home leaving dust in the wind trying to get away.


  Women and their children stand helplessly outside their home, wondering if they gave thanks to the important things in life incase the unthinkable happens.


   Teenage guys lose their egotistical thoughts of what people think about them and scurr off in denial of what is actually going on.


   The wise people stay passive wanting their time to come for maybe a glimmer of hope to come back a young person.


   As I interlude into my thoughts a collage of old photos and moments of happiness that took place in my life packed together and remolded me; I was not scared of death. 




   Down the street from my house i see "her" approaching me,  so luminous on a dark day, yet so dark she still remains, as my first worst and best love in the past... 


   I look into the eyes of the Devil that hunted my heart and devoured it ever so  distastefully and embrace her, captivating her of all feeling for a moment. 


   My lips gently graze past her cheeks and land on her lips, so softly and tenderly i leave her a kiss goodbye.


   I walk away with her eyes burning a hole in my back in astonishment of my victory, I smile and walk into the blinding white light where i live for eternity in peace.





Alex Deer


Sunrise to Sunset

I will wake, I will rest

But my love for you will stay at it's best.


Each moment we make, will never break

Time is not an issue, cause forever I'm with you

No more tick tock for the clock

This is our twilight.


So iv come to my senses as we lay in the rain

I'm a Dick, your a Jane

Let's make this kiss and start our fame.


Sunrise to Sunset

I will wake while you rest

And give you a kiss for the best.


-Alex Deer

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