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As many of you know my cat suddenly went lame. Yesterday he took a turn for the worse and seemed to be in pain. Last night I heard him about 2:00 am let out a yelp. This morning I found him on the basement floor. He had died during the night somehow. Binkx came into our lives at a time when the children wanted a pet. He did belong to our neighbors but the father booted him out. Literally I saw him beat Binkx on the front lawn, kicking him and punching him. Binkx ran for his life and lived under our bush. The father and I did have some payback as I hate to see any animal abused like that. He lived under our bush for 3 months before Sandy let him come in. He took to the kids right away and slept with my daughter. She and he were very close. He was also a great tree climber and loved his head rubs. He was a strange cat to say the least. He would demand that we watch his meat. A matter of survival as the other guys cat used to attack him while he slept or ate. Binkx started to get sick 6 months ago or so. He got to the point where he couldn't move his back legs. Then for the past while he had flea issues and that didn't help his condition at all. He started to lose control of his bowel and his urine for the past 3 months or so. We did keep on top of it but it was hard. His collar now will be in my desk as a reminder of him. So why am I writing this? A big tough ex-biker. Well it is therapeutic for me. A way of saying goodbye to my friend. I did not cry at my fathers funeral. I was supposed to be the strong one. All the funerals I was I never cried. I am crying now though. Strange how a human dies and I offer no tears like it is a relief that persons trial has ended. But here I am crying like a baby. I will miss him. He was only about 4 years old. There are a few pictures of him in my photo album. I will miss my buddy.
Recently a drum forum buddy of mine was called up and leaves soon for Iraq. There was a guy there bashing away about the unrighteous war and the thousands of kids and women killed and how the United States has blood on their hands. Remember now I am from Canada. These are just my thoughts on hearing what other people are talking about. I support the soldiers and their efforts. Anyone from Canada who thinks the United States is there for just political strong arm think again. Those terrorists are here too. The 20 or so found in Toronto last year should serve as a wake up call. Recently in Windsor the police found a drug ring, all had high powered assault rifles, money and drugs. 2 were found to have links to terrorist groups. All 4 men had Arabic last names. The cops figure that they may have found a sleeper cell here? Hmm think about this, Windsor has the busiest United States/ Canada crossing with billions of dollars in trade going across ever hour. 4 young Arabic men found with high powered weapons, selling drugs and 2 having Terrorist group connections? Not hard to put it together. Now for all those Canadians who think there was no weapons of Mass destruction? Well here is a wake up call. Ever hear of Saran gas? It was found in Iraq during the war on terror. Now 1 cup of this stuff is so deadly it will kill millions. 4 liters of it was found in one location. How many cups in a liter? I would think that this discovery would have made national news here and south of the border. Yet it got a lousy 30 blurp. Also why did Saddam stop U.N. Inspectors from going into certain buildings during their inspections mandated by the U.N.? He had something to hide. National security was part of his excuse but guess again ... he was ordered to allow the inspectors in! He did ... a few weeks later. So why all of a sudden did he let them in? Because whatever he was hiding was moved. Not hard to figure out. Also I remember pictures of ICBM missiles being presented to congress. Where are those missiles now? Gone and in my opinion probably in Saudi Arabia right now. Now what do you suppose they could load on those weapons? Nuclear war heads for example? Possible but they could load Saran gas in them too. Now there was argument that the war was over oil. Hmm well last time I was at the pump it was still 99 cents a liter and that was cheap. If it was over oil as some have claimed then would the gas not be cheaper? Now don't get me wrong. I am not a Bush supporter but seriously what would you have done in his position? Yeah he can be stupid, maybe not the brightest bulb on the tree but dammit at least he did something. Now do you think that was the first time the Towers were attacked? No it was the second time. Clinton was in office when it was done the first time and what did he do? NOTHING! He tried to do the democratic thing and ask that Bin Lauden be handed over but soon lost his goal. He does say he tried to have Osama assassinated. Well that his his word and we all know how good his word was. The same guy who lied to a senate committee. The same guy who was actually impeached but as part of his plea agreement got to stay in office. Where was Michael Moore (America's truth teller ... yeah right ) then? So the United States did the democratic thing, tried the embargo thing, so what was next? I will say this loud and clear, AMERICA WAS BASICALLY SCREWED. If they did nothing the terrorists won, if they went to war which caused a huge rift in America the terrorists still won. They caused what they set out to do and that was cause terror in the hearts of America. Now Rosie O'Donnell and Tom Cruise, Charlie Sheen, Michael Moore all say that the building looked like in imploded. Now I was a Volunteer firefighter. We had a saying, Don't trust the trusses. The World Trade Center was totally a truss building. Now if you damage trusses it can collapse upon itself. It would appear as though it imploded. So imagine this, the plane hits the first tower. The external truss system has been damaged. Now add to that the weight of the plane, the force hitting it, and the flaming fuel and where it hit of course it would look like an implosion. To all those who think the the Government set explosives in there I say stop hugging your damn trees you jerk wads and think for yourself. The explosives would have gone off before the towers came down. They came down from the point of impact, from the damaged floors. Now Rosie O'Donnell and Tom Cruise, Charlie Sheen, Michael Moore, there are some real winners there, a fat bitch who lost her career and has nothing decent to but bitch and pick fights that she cannot win. Tom Cruise what a whacked out nut job he is, we all know he is a few fries short of a happy meal. Charlie Sheen, a drunk womanizer, Micheal Moore he has told more lies then all of congress put together just so he can sell films. Hey Mike do an expose on The Kennedy, Sam Giaconnia connections. Oh and tell the truth this time unlike your other films. So why did I write this long rant? Well basically because I don't want to see my fellow drummer and remo buddy go. I am upset that he has to go but I am pissed when people can't see what these military people go through with all this Bull plop about how wrong the war is. This is like Vietnam all over again, they are there doing their duty and come home to a bunch of jerks calling them baby killers and war mongers. I am sure all of those troops would have rather stayed home at Christmas then to be there guarding a sand lot. These "celebrities" should all think about what is really going on instead of jumping on the "I hate war bandwagon" just because it is popular. I don't love the war... I love the fact that I can sleep at night knowing we have people like Andy, Jump Master, Army Princess, Army Drill sgt. and so many others out there protecting their nation and mine. See Canada doesn't spend the money that is needed for the troops. Fact: We rely on the United States Military to keep our asses safe. The next time one of you folks want to rant on about the "evil empire " to our south think about this. Who the hell would send their troops into a desert condition wearing olive drab Mark 5 combat clothes? Only Canada. Who would send their troops into a armed situation and told to use their bullets sparingly? Only Canada. Who would rather spend tax dollars "helping" war lords then on their own troops? Only Canada. They fight for the Untied states... but bet your ass brother they are fighting for us to!
Well this may be a long post but I need to get some stuff off my chest here. For the past 3 years mt band has been together we have had some major issues that we have overcome. There was the weird uncle who said he could beat me at drums. ^ months ago I finally had enough and laid down the sticks. In front of 3 impartial judges we both did a 3 minute "solo" at a music store on the same drum set. In front of his nephew (the bass player) I kicked his arse all over the place. I beat him in every category from speed to improvisation to originality to groove. I got top marks from the judges HE hand picked. In a possible of score of 50 points I scored 49 points while he scored a lousy 10. At stake if he won I would leave the band, give him my Westburys and he would be the new drummer. If I won he was to shut his mouth, leave the band alone and never talk smack behind my back. Well I won and he had to look like crap and admit that he could not beat me. Needless to say many of you may find the whole competition thing to be a pissing contest but he was ruining the band and it had to be done for me and the band. Now the band could continue with our progression. Now back in August after the Tomato Festival battle of the bands Our singer pulled me aside and told me he knocked his girlfriend up. Now needless to say she was a witch from the word go and I asked him if we were done. I swear if he were 10 minutes late getting home she would call him and scream him out to no end. She had put so much pressure on him because to her music was not important and was just a way for him to show his huge ego to the world. To be honest he is the shyest guy you ever seen. He as a front man is rather boring but he can sing and plays a great guitar. He is only 24 and now saddled with a kid and a woman that does support him or his dreams. In other words it is her way or the highway. So when I asked him if the band was done he said no way but we may have to take some time off. Well we took from August of last year until September of this year off. Literally 13 months. I got a request from Jacob to play the Pumpkin Festival at his school to help raise funds for the school. I called the band and we all agreed to do this, we had 2 months to practice. So we had plenty of time but we needed a guitar player. I found one. We needed a place to practice and Ryan (the singer) had a 2 car garage out in the country at his house. So everything fell into place. Well one night Ryan's girl Sue found out that he was smoking and all hell broke loose. She threw stuff at him, punched him and everything. In other words she assaulted him. He had bruises all over his face and arms. He goes to leave the scene and she pushed him back into the house. He pushed her out of the way and the damn Leamington cops arrest him despite the lack of evidence of any assault for domestic battery. So he spends the night in jail and she walks away with nothing. Well when she sees her meal ticket is gone and has to raise this child on her own she begs him to come back. Now every damn time we go to practice she yells, screams and fights with him. So we get no practice time in. I swear since September 1 we have had 4 hours of practice time in. She also doesn't want him to play any bars because he may hit on the women there. Okay so why have a band if you can only play the festivals that pay (3 in our area) and turn down possible making 150 per night under the table steadily? We have until October 28th to get this show going and I refuse to sound like crap. We have had no practice with Andrew the guitar player I found because we can't get any practice time in. She says that we can practice there as there is no room here and don't even ask about the bass player! She says she has no problem with him being in the band but we need to get some paying gigs. But we can't play the bars here because she is a nut job. Ryan wants to tell her to hit the road but then again his son will be raise by some psycho. So here it is 6:00 am and I can't sleep at all from all this pressure. Sure we have 4 practice days left and can maybe pull this off but will we suck because of this psycho who speaks with a forked tongue? So for the first time since I have played drums I may be forced to cancel a gig, If I do the school will suffer as there will be no entertainment for the Festival for at least an hour and people will leave. We are already featured on the poster! I never had to cancel a gig in my life. I don't want to start now. Any ideas on what to do?
I knew this would happen someday. I went into the gas station today and asked for five dollars worth of gas... The clerk farted and gave me a receipt.
Lately I noticed that there isn't a lot of support out therefor the troops. You got that big fat piece of crap Rosie O'Donnell calling them terrorists and that just pisses me off. Do people like this NOT realize that the troops are fighting for democracy and if it weren't for them she couldn't be the fat assed lesbian that she is? In other words they are there so you can have the RIGHT to be a lesbian. I dare her fat ass to go to Saudi Arabia and declare her gayness there. She would be strung up and shot. Who gave her the damn right to call them terrorists or become the moral compass of America? She should be put on an island alone with no cheeseburgers or something. Like what the hell? Did we forget the feelings of anger and outrage the day those fascist asses drove those planes into the World Trade Centers? Do we not remember those police and fire fighters who lost their lives? How about the people who died in the towers who made the mistake of showing up for work that day? What about the kids who lost their parent or parents that day? What about the families? Throughout the Extremist Muslim world The United States and Canada are known as the evil empires. Yeah we are evil because of the way we dress, the music we play, The movies we watch. We are evil for the way we dance and allow you to think for yourself, and to have your free agency or the freedom to choose for yourself. Extreme Muslims don't want equality they want superiority. They want us to think and act exactly like they do with their extreme Islamic views as the world religion. I have a neighbor who is Iraqi. He was there and knows the truth about the WMD. guess what? They were real because his uncle worked on their development. His uncle was forced to work on them or his whole family would have been executed. Ever here of Saran Gas? 1 cup of the stuff can kill half of the population of New York. Now what can 2 liters of the stuff do? Well they found it in Iraq in a house. Now I ask you where was the media coverage then? Well it got a brief blip but that was it. That is the truth! So I support the troops and their effort. Notice my name? I am a Canadian and I support American and Canadian and British troops who are fighting for my kids to grow up free. Before any jackass starts saying it is Americas war think about this. WHEN AMERICANS FIGHT THEY FIGHT FOR US TOO! Will that statement win me a popularity contest? NO way because it is the truth. Here is another I have said in the past WHEN AMERICA IS FREE SO IS CANADA!! Grow up and face it. In Ontario we bitch about 15% taxes yet the troops in Afghanistan didn't even have the proper clothing to wear. They had to borrow supplies from the United States! Bitch about the lack of money the troops have to spend on the basic things to do their jobs and defend your way of life! My grandfather was a drill sgt. in WW2. He trained the men to fight over in Europe and most came home alive and well. He did not collect 1 dime in veterans pay because we wasn't in Europe. He never bitched about it because it was his duty. I thank him for his efforts. I have many friends here who serve in the U.S. military in Iraq and Afghanistan and I say thank you. Thank you for serving so I as a Canadian living in a free society can raise my kids they way I think they should be raised. Thank you for the good nights sleep I had last night knowing you were their defending me as well. Thank you for sacrificing your time and loved ones for us. To the Vets of the previous wars including Vietnam I thank you and tell you Yes it was worth it. Your efforts are appreciated and I love what you do for us. Thank you all from, a proud Canadian.
So today is my birthday. I had a Astrological reading done many years ago (about 25) and found out something weird. I was born under the sign of Aries and have an Aries rising and an Aries falling whatever that means. My buddy who is really into it said it explains a lot about me. He also said it is weird because that never happens to ordinary people. I don't follow the stuff myself but I will tell you I am unique. So what will I do today? Most likely nothing. I got laid off recently so I can't afford a party or anything. I make make my spaghetti dinner tonight. I also have to take my van in and get an estimate on front end work. Buyer beware! Basically today will be like any other day. Life will go on and chances are I will get nothing for a present (I would like sex but no chances of that) and life will go one. But the best presents come home at 3:00 with their noise and news of the day which will be music to my ears. So that is what is important ... family. They are the presents in my life. Talk to you all later.
Just got done our first meeting and Damn I am so stoked! Imagine meeting 4 people that you are so musically in tune with that you almost know each others thoughts. We are all the around the same age and that really helps. In my old band I was about 20 years older then the other guys and it showed in their musical tastes. I was experiencing the largest generation gap ever lol. We will be playing the classic old school beer drinking rock and roll. We will cover groups like The Who, Led Zeppelin, Pat Travers, Cream, Tragically Hip, John Cougar, and even some modern stuff like Foo Fighters. I am so stoked to be with these guys and they have MAJOR Connections in the area rock and roll scene. I am so honored to have been chosen by these folks.
I got a call tonight from a darn good guitar player who is forming a new band. They all have the same goals as me and musical taste so I hope to get in with these guys. Wish me luck?
I love Degus they are so much fun. But Tuddle was lonely and they are by nature social animals. So we got him a buddy named William or Willy for short. Any Willy joined us around the end of August. Anyway Tuddle and he got along well and played a lot. It was great watching them in their male innocence. Anyway Sunday Tuddle was singing like he did a while ago. But his song was so pretty and seemed to be different then his other songs. See Degus like to sing when they are emotional like after they mate. So anyway My son Jarrod made mention that their were babies in the cage. We told him impossible because we were told Willy was a male. Well after he saw a baby again I went to see what the fuss was about. Turns out Willy is now Lilly a proud FEMALE!!! We now have 7 new babies and they are so cute. In my recent photos I uploaded you can see the pile in the middle of the cage and those are the new babies. Just thought I would share.
Here it is Christmas eve. I had to stay home from a party tonight because some arses have been breaking into people's houses and stealing presents from the neighborhood. I heard some voices outside my window and I looked out to see 2 kids breaking into my neighbors house. The guy has no money and is very hard up. So I sneak out the back door with no coat or boots on and just walk up behind these clowns. Then I threw one into the other and sure as hell they went to fight. Oh I love me a good fight so I wrestled both to the ground and with my 30 lb butt SAT on them. They were screaming so loud someone called 911. The police arrived seeing me sitting on these kids promptly hand cuffed the asses and off to jail they went. Now the cops just left after taking my statement and they said that the kids copped to the 3 breakins and tried to cut a deal. They give back the stuff and the cops drop the charges. The cops assured me NO DEAL! They are going to pay for this. So anyway Now I see why I had to stay home. My place would have most likely been next.
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