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Fed UP!

Ya know i understand this industry of towboating isnt a bag of cookies with a glass of milk but damn im sick of getting my ass chewed out for doing the same job as someone next to me who is lazy as hell and for some god forsaken reason he makes twice my wages. they bitch about what goes on at home wont help with the job yet somehow mysteriously keep their jobs. seems to be no end in site with this drama hence i have begun applying at every damn boat company i can think of to get away from wkn and all their bullshit. what good does it do when a captain puts you in for a raise saying you need to be making top deckhand pay and they continue to pay you green (inexperienced) deckhand pay because some guy on a power trip is a dispatcher and controls your wages? i cant seem to win for loosing its bad enough being stuck on a boat for 28 days but when you add in the lower pay and whining ugh im ready to throw my hands up.... any suggestions?
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