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When you spend your entire life rooting for one team, and when one player ascends to greatness that you never thought you'd see on your team, how can you possibly recall all the great moments that particular player gave you? Watching Brett Favre every week was an exercise in both excitement and frustration. So many "how the hell did he DO that" moments with a fair amount of "what the hell was he thinking" moments sprinkled in. I'm sure my fondest are the same as many others. If you're a Packer fan, you probably share the same ones if not more. But for my money... Superbowl XXXI. Of course. Finally bringing Lombardi's trophy back home. Some might think of Reggie White hoisting the trophy and running around the Superdome after the game. Others may think of Desmond Howard's return. Forever burned in my brain though is the first touchdown pass, a go-route up along the sideline... gone. Touchdown. And after the play, there's Brett, pumping his helmet up and down with the greatest look of joy on his face. It's the smile and that great look of exuberance on his face. That right there shows you how much he loved to play the game. Oakland Raiders on Monday Night Football. Not even 30 hours since Brett's father had died. Every Packer fan shared their concern for him and his family, and would have understood if he had decided to sit out. But no, he suited up, and had one of the most amazing performances I've ever seen. Imagine how you would have felt if your father had died. Could you have gone to work? Don't you think you'd just be inconsolable? But Brett comes out and throws for 4 touchdowns and nearly 400 yards. After he threw the 4th, I got choked up. I was fighting back tears. I made the comment to my wife, "We're watching one of the most amazing, emotional performances of any athlete...ever." I still stand by that. Denver Broncos on Monday Night Football. Just this past season. (There's a pic of us at the game in my photo album) I hadn't seen Brett play live in person in over 6 years. My best friend scored the tickets, and he and I along with his sister were at the game. And what a finish. The game goes into overtime, and on the first play, Brett throws (yep, another go-route) down the left sideline. Greg Jennings catches it, runs 80 yards for the game winning touchdown. I got to see a great moment by another legend, and it was made that much better by seeing it with my best friend of over 20 years. New Year's Eve 2006. The Packers had just defeated the Chicago Bears at Soldier Field, and in a post-game interview, Favre choked up when asked if it was going to be his last game. Oh no, I thought, what if this is it? I got choked up again too. Please, just one more year, I thought. Well, I got my wish. I asked for just one more year, and I got exactly that. Minnesota Vikings, this past season. Touchdown pass #420. Hefting Greg Jennings on his shoulder and carrying him off the field. My wife got me a picture of it for Christmas, and you can see once again the joy and excitement on his face. Major props to the Vikings fans too - although they are a fierce rival, everyone in the Metrodome knew they saw something great, and gave him the appropriate applause and cheers, as much as it must have pained them to do so. The one thing I'll remember above all else, though, is how down to earth he was. The ultra-competitive leader on the football field, yet just another guy off of it. He made you proud to be a Packer fan. I'll still be a Packer fan until the day I die. But I doubt - no, I KNOW - there will never be another like Favre. I'll be telling my grandkids about all the incredible things he used to do. And I'll always consider myself very lucky to have seen one of the best ever play - and for my team, no less.
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