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OMG! WOW! FINALLY! I have waited so long for this. O where do I start. hold on baby let me get that for you. just go sit down cuz tonight its gonna b all bout U. wait let me take off ur boots yea i know but thats ok dis is about you all for u. O yeah u noticed, yeah I told you I was gonna start back working out I know u didn't believe me, o u really think its lookin good n tight yeah baby did it all 4 u! but nuff bout me tonight is bout you. i got a nice bath waiting for you food is ready yeah didn't know what you were in the mood for so i fixed everything! yeah looks like a freakin feast huh. o dats cool go head baby i know ur hungry just wash up for dinner. WOW! been so long, can't help starin at you WOW! ok ok im gonna eat i try to stop staring. just been waiting so long now that wait is over. please finish i try to stop watchin you. so r u tired i know it was a long trip back o sorry i can't help it ok ok...
hmmm let me help you with that better yet just stand there i will undress you. no really i will i promise not to do anything just wanna touch you.. i mean just wanna help the water ok let me wash your back o thats fine just relax baby i have the music on rest love i b bac n lil while...o i c u fell asleep its all good hun i know ur tired i'll rub ur feet for you massage your legs ur back ur neck. wow so much stress. no sweetie tonight is all bout you. how does that feel want me to add more pressure o its fine good. no baby not tonight its ok just rest i know ur tired let me rub your head no its fine baby rest your head ur mind you've been thru a lot its ok baby luv ya now always forever...

Y should it bother me so much
y do I care so much about you
y am I checking my messages seeing if you were thinking about me like I am thinking about you
what did u do to me that got me all crazy doing things I would have done as a teen checkin my phone voicemail checkin my texts checking my email my yahoo msn even my AOL yeah AOL havent signed into that one in bout a year dont even give that address out. But jus n case, maybe, u never know u just might have gotta check
no! still no word from you, still no messages, no message no bottle no answer no answers to the ones I sent but Y do I care so much
Y does it matter so much
Y should I care that u r having a fun time doing what ur doing visiting who ur visiting seeing who ur seeing doing the things ur doing with the people that ur doing them with....
Y do I care so much. Y do I light up when U do leave me a message a short hello how was ur day how u doin
but it does n I do
we're both with someone else n I wouldn't change that for nothing in the world or would I is that what I want I just don't know im not sure I have never felt this uncertain before......
baby baby baby let me scrub ur body for me until it has that pinkish glow until it feels like ur skin is on fire baby let me scrub ur ass take my finger n stick it in the hole washing it out good for me. Baby let me wash the spot between ur ass hole n ur penis cuz later I wanna put my hands there I wanna put my lips there. No traces no tracks. Yes my Dark Knight I will wash ur body for me. I want the smell of passion to be the only smell in the room. Yes my Dark Knight im cuming n with you, yes we will shower together.
As I am washing my Dark Knight touching his body he is thinking bout his Chocklik Princess Im washing and scrubbing n he's getting all excited. his dick is growing ever so hard busting out of the shower walls. so thick throbing wanting to get touched wanting to have the Chocklik Princess's lips surround the tip he pictures her lips slowly going down the shaft he pictuers the water from the shower beating down her face as his Chocklik Princess kneels at the feet of her Dark Knight
that is not longer a thought no longer a vision it is a dream cum true. I kneel at the feet of my Dark Knight I want his dick between my lips....slowly sucking on the head while stroking his dick. Easing up n sucking his balls o how he likes them sucked n squeezed but gently I try not to let the passion overtake me. Im so f'n hot so f'n horny I can feel my pussy throbing but I just wanna suck on my Dark Knight for now I try to put my desires behind me its him I wanna please him I wanna get off him I wanna cum yes my Dark Knight cum long n hard 4 ur Chocklik Princess
Wat r u sure u can stand r u sure ur able to do this yes baby yes. now that ur suckin me in the shower my body was already on the verge of cumin but I wanna savor this moment I wanna make it last as long as I can. Practice pussy control I tell myself its workin but it feel so f'n good his lips on my clit pullin it suckin it he knows what I like he knows how I like. Spread the lips baby yes. Just like that pull back baby let my lil tiny dick cum out yea u know u like it no matter wat I call it suck ur Chocklik Princess's Clit baby suck it good o yea I like it like that. Make ur Chocklik Princess cum all n ur mouth all over ur face. Hmmmmm.
brand new day
brand new start
brand new friend
brand new love
i long 4 u
i met u not too long ago
across the way we spoke
across the way we touch
our lips finally did meet
the softness of ur kiss
the eagerness of ur tongue
exploring my mouth
i want to feel this 4ever
i want this 1st touch
2 b remembered
2 b cherished
i want 2 remember
the chills flowing thru my body
i want to remember
how my body burned with desire
i want to remember
how wet i got
i want u 2 remember
how i touched u
how i kissed u
how i loved u
how i sucked u
how i blew ur fuckin' mind

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