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This is a warning about the user ~~TRON~~, he is a complete psycopath and to be avoided at all costs. Many of you might remember that this is the guy who worked with the fake miss texas, to try to convince of all of the paige hoax. During that time he threatened, harassed, and tried to intimidate many members, mainly girls, some of them up to 25 years younger than himself. He has now taken to making up fictional accounts of things in his blog (when he's been blocked from sending abusive messages to other members) and is still trying to manipulate people, threaten people, and to intimidate them. He is also still trying to project a false version of what happened in the Paige affair. As most of you know the real people, that were being faked, eventually turned up here, along with salutes, so the hoax fell to peices, but there are still some players, who were deeply involved, that ~TRON~ is still lying to try to protect (let's not forget that he lied to try to protect the fake miss texas and paige). ~~TRON~~ states in his latest little propogandafest that "...Jason... who was as much or more a victim in all this as anyone else was.. as he thought he knew Paige thought they were in love and to be wedded.. so imagine how he feels about all this.. and how loyal he is likely to be to the girl he loves.." Let us get the real truth about Jason, and his relationship with Paige. How hoaxed was he, and how much was he playing along? Let us consider a few facts. 1). Jason is supposedly madly in love with this girl, and talks to her on a regular basis, on the phone. Well let's see didn't the real girl, the one carrying out the fake, come from a totally different state from her fake identity? Wouldn't he notice this when he called her, I mean from the dialling code? Let's give him the benefit of the doubt, and suggest he's an idiot, but it doesn't stop there. 2). Jason has talked to Miss Texas regularly on the phone, including when she called to tell him about the loss of his dear loved one. Well considering we now know Paige and miss texas were indeed the same hoaxer, wouldn't he have noticed, when talking to them on the phone, that they have identical voices, and identical phone numbers, neither of them being Texas numbers? 3). Jason has admitted to sending something to Paige, now come on guys, I can understand someone being stupid enough not to recognise the state phone codes, but on a postal address? If there was no real Paige in texas, how did he write to her? 4). Jason called her regularly in the hospital, as she lay on her death bed, but hang on, we now know she wasn't real, and didn't die, and wasn't even in texas, so how the hell is he calling her in a hospital in texas? Didn't he notice that the hospital number was the same as paiges, & miss texas's, and that the hospital staff had the same voices as paige, and miss texas, and that again it wasn't a texas number? Are we really to believe he is that stupid, or did he know what was going on, and was lying along with it? 5). He also spoke to paiges parents, so this is his 4th contact number, and at least the 4th and 5th people he's claimed to have talked to. Come on folks, this guy is in this as deep as it goes. 6). The aftermath. Let me ask you a question, you are engaged to be married to someone, you love them with all your heart, and they are cruelly ripped from you. What do you do next? Wouldn't you want to send flowers to the funeral, know about the funeral details, try to attend if possible, want to talk to the funeral directors, want to know at least where your loved one is to be buried? How was Jason hoaxed over all these elements? Did he speak to an out of state funeral director, who just happened to have an identical voice and phone number to Paige, her mom, her dad, her best friend, and the hospital staff too? Was he going to send his flowers to an out of state grave? Does anyone really believe that Jason didn't know what was going on? This is not an elaborate con-job with a team of highly skilled grifters working to part a greedy mark from his millions, this was a sad lonely girl, stealing pictures from myspace, and making up a sick story. There would only ever have been the one phone, and the one voice, no fronts, no hospitals, parents, funeral directors, friends, or relatives, therefore all Jasons contact is just as made up as Paige herself. He was lying along with this. And for anyone still not convinced there are his several confessions about fake identities, and his knowledge of what was going on, one such example is below.

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