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created on 10/29/2007  |
Control given; Soul awoken by One Man. Churned to grow and thrive with love, sweet love; In His power i am revived.
Submission is not a weakness it is a strength, glorifying the simple pleasure to serve; Serve well.
Free your self scream in silence tell Me your dreams with a blink of an eye, show me your darkest desires with escaping breaths. whisper secrets with the drop of a tear. show me your feelings with with the beats of your heart let Me love you fearlessly.
The boy drives his submissive; the Master mentors her. The boy depends on intimidation; the Master depends on love. The boy inspires fear; the Master inspires enthusiasm. The boy says "I"; the Master says "we". The boy says "Go"; the Master says "Let's go". The boy says "you failed"; the Master says "great try, we will do better next time." The boy blames for the problem; the Master fixes the problem. The boy wants; the Master loves.
She is running A hundred miles an hour in the wrong direction She is trying But the canyon's ever widening In the depths of her cold heart So she sets out on another misadventure just to find She's another two years older And she's three more steps behind Does anybody hear her? Can anybody see? Or does anybody even know she's going down today Under the shadow of our steeple With all the lost and lonely people Searching for the hope that's tucked away in you and me Does anybody hear her? Can anybody see?
In His hands i feel safe and secure. With His words i know truth and guidance. In His thoughts i am respected and treasured. With His actions i receive structure and pleasure. In His eyes i see tenderness and strength. And most importantly.... With His heart i experience love.
"Come to the edge" He said she said "i am afraid" "Come to the edge" He said she went, He pushed her and she flew...
Are you there when sweet morning banishes the stars and wakes the clouds and makes the cockerel shake me from my bed with his voice? Are you there to bless my morning with the smile buried inside your eyes and your heart? Are you there when darkness furrows my brow and my weaknesses show? Are you there as my right hand and my blessed rest I hope you are there I hope you are complete I hope you want no more than what I give when I ask are you there?
~i belong to None, my future One...will know my needs, and what i crave.... how to call me out and make me behave, with Him, i love, i laugh, i live, submitting to Him all i have to give...~ ~my One~ He will step out of the crowd and beckoned me to His side, He will call me out, bringing me alive, His ways, new, and unknown, strength and tenderness shown, His hot, husky voice growling one word, *MINE*, His hand on my throat, and His eyes consuming all of me, i cross the line, from what i even more, passions encited, hungers ignited, i'm all His, my eyes glow intense and hot with the fire only He can claim, my spirit, feisty and fiery and fierce, only He can tame, never before Him, collared, or owned, always only His from this day on.... submitted, committed, bound and collared, to Him, my Master, my One.....~
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